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15 Things God Will Open Your Eyes To See

Mark 6:38a KJV

38 He saith unto them, How many loaves have ye? Go and see…

I am going to share with you 15 things that God will open your eyes to see in life

  1. You will see what is already there for you.
  2. You will see what God is showing you.
  3. You will see what others are overlooking that will give you a critical advantage in life.
  4. You will see what your seed is for your needs at all times.
  5. You will see the provision of the Lord in the mountain of the Lord.
  6. You will see the place you are going next to in God’s program.
  7. You will see the next correct step to get you moving.
  8. You will see how issues are connected in your life for you to make the right decisions.
  9. You will see with the eyes of the wisdom of God.
  10. You will see where the enemy is hiding his traps, his tracks, and his moves so that you will not fall into it
  11. You will see what is there already that you have not seen before now.
  12. You will see what ordinary eyes can’t see, but higher eyes can see.
  13. You will see into things; you will see inside things. You will see into people.
  14. You will see the hand, the moves, and the work of God in the ordinary events of God in your life so you can stay in His purpose for your life like Joseph stayed.
  15. You will see what the Father is doing, so you can do the same, for we can do nothing by ourselves but only what the Father doeth. This will bring you into the gifts and the manifestations of the Holy Spirit.


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