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This piece is a bird’s eye view of graces we have seen in the matrimony and family of Daddy and Mummy and we are sharing it with the people of God. Imbibe these pillars into the fibre of your family and we know that very soon, God will use your life and family to minister to others in the name of Jesus.

1. Faith-based family: While every Christian pays allegiance of faith, Daddy and Mummy operate their family based on faith. The children were raised to literally understand that God is their Father and He will provide. Daddy never shirked any legitimate obligation, but he led his family to access the Heavenly Father’s provisions.

2. Raising Godly seed: This is not just a slogan or because their parents are pastors, interacting with Pastor Joshua and Sister Peace will reveal personal convictions and revelations of God. Many young men have been saved and led to Christ by the lifestyle of Pastor Joshua and Sister Peace. Raise your children to become arrows of God in these last days.

3. Creating time for each other: Don’t let the work of ministry deceive you, Dad and Mom create time for each other. They have unique ways of building rest and play into their work. Have you heard of ‘hundred metres senior girls’?

4. Wholesome communication: This is a big one! Communication is such an important aspect of Dad and Mom’s matrimonial success because any member of the family can call for a family meeting, even the children.

5. Compliment each other: This is a commitment that makes your marriage strong and your two can be ‘better than one.’ Daddy says if you and your wife have the same weaknesses, then you married wrong. Simply put: “I will be a strength in your weakness.”

6. Teach your wife: Daddy has said that Eve’s failure at the temptation of the devil reflects a flaw in the teaching of Adam. Daddy would always say “Mummy is the first person with which I share any revelation that God gives me.” No wonder the growth is evident.

7. Give the children a picture of God: This is a team work. Every father should know that the first picture of God that your children will have is you, and you need to make your promises come true for your children. The wife should never reduce the estimation of her husband before the children. That’s the Areogun way!

8. Family Destiny: Right from courtship, they lived in the understanding of what God wants their Anointed Duo to accomplish. The best resources and divine operations are waiting for the family and couple that will live for God’s purpose.

9. Genuine Affection for Each Other: ‘Let love flow’ is the best way to describe the affection that Daddy and Mummy have for each other. The love is seen in how they plan for each other, seek to know what the other wants in order to do it right for the other’s pleasure. Still holding hands after 25 years!

10. Authority and submission: Mummy never does anything to reduce the headship role of Daddy in the home. There’s nothing you could ever do to instigate Mommy against Daddy. Daddy never abdicates authority, so that whenever a man is needed he never turns his back. Every time the husband takes his place in the spirit and practically leads and provides, that’s one less home subject to witchcraft manipulation.

11. Defend each other before extended family: You may have heard the story of how Daddy explained to his family that Mummy would only be at family functions that he was attending. Many men expose their wives to the exaction of extended family in the name of tradition. There’s a time when your family is young to have a relative live with you.

12. Esteem the Anointing: No man of God comes to their house and goes back empty-handed. It is so real that every month Mummy sends food items to servants of God that God directs her to. No wonder the power of God and divine communication is never lacking in their marriage. This is what the Act of Sons in Dream Centre helps you to achieve at your level, i.e. constant access to the supernatural flow upon God’s servant.

13. Having the same friends: No matter who you are, you cannot choose to be Daddy’s friend and ignore Mummy. The story is told about a time when the Anointed Duo went visiting with friends and the man said, “The men only want to go out to town” but Daddy said, “I go with Mummy.” Only to discover that the other wives had always wanted to go on those trips. Imbibe this safety.

14. Leading your children to Christ at a tender age: This is the fulcrum that determines whether you will raise Godly children or not. Dad and Mum led their children to Christ at age 4, before the sin nature common to all men took over. Daddy teaches that pastors and churches are only trying to do what parents failed to do for their Christian children. Please do it right.

15. Personal supervision for children’s upbringing: Many parents leave too many things to chance, Daddy and Mummy don’t. From visiting days, to post JAMB interviews, essays, and so on, Dad and Mum are personally involved. When their children were still in Secondary school, there were several visiting days that The Anointed Duo would travel after a full service to visit with their kids. Please let no career, business or ministry make your children lose you.

16. Uphold each other in righteousness: Many men have quieted the closest voice of caution to them and their wives. You’ll hear Dad say “I’ve told Mommy if I say something that is not so on the pulpit, you better speak up.” Mummy is good at reminding Daddy of pledges and vice versa. Don’t let your family fall into the error of Ananias and Sapphira. ‘Wives submit to your husbands’ doesn’t mean ‘wives submit to unrighteousness!’

17. Differentiate Roles – Let the best person do it: Who should cook at home? Traditionally and more often than not women cook. But Dad and Mom have organized their home in such a way that whoever has the grace in an area should lead in that aspect. Daddy loves to iron clothes…shhh, don’t tell anyone. In fact, you shouldn’t be an award-winning cook as a husband and endure poor cooking just because you believe your wife should be the one cooking. Who is the accountant, style director and planner of your family?

18. Play together: Mummy would always preach at wedding ceremonies “Play together, eat together, and sleep together.” The Anointed Duo find quality and quantity time to play together, whether it is jogging around the house or the ever-present table tennis, don’t forget the treadmill too!

19. Command household after God: Adam’s cardinal sin was that he listened to the voice of his wife against the voice of God. Eli listened to his children above God. The husband in an anointed marriage commands his household after God like Abraham did. Do this and earn the trust of heaven. Daddy would never negotiate a divine instruction at home. There have been days when God said to him, “You will answer all the phone calls today, I need your wife.”

20. Absolute Lordship of Jesus: Many men are a law unto themselves and their wives are in pain. The Anointed Duo always let the Lordship of Jesus reign. Daddy told the story of how the Holy Spirit once told him “That is not how to speak to my daughter, go and apologise.” He humbled himself and apologized. Due to this singular act, Mommy said she felt safer in their marriage.

21. Intimacy with God: Prayer is a huge priority for the Anointed Duo. Intimacy with God is different from family altar, but both of you should ensure that you are spending enough time in God’s presence. There have been times that Mommy would set time apart to wait on the Lord. Don’t hinder your spouse’s intimacy with the Lord.

22. Focus: ‘Don’t let anybody change you’ is the focus of Daddy and Mommy’s interaction. They’ve decided to be the lovers of God and trainers of men that they’ve always been regardless of what anyone does. They are focused on their work and they allow no distractions.

23. I’ll Love God More than You: This vow has been a major part of The Anointed Duo. In fact, Mummy would explain how both of them gave each other away to the Lord and sometimes Daddy’s ministerial work would take him away from home for days but now, God has given them to each other as a harvest.

24. Commitment to each other: Once Mommy shows that she wants anything, Daddy says the acquisition of that item becomes an assignment for him. Mommy has never ceased to give Daddy whatever he wants regardless of what time of day it is.

25. Oneness and Agreement: The Anointed Duo have learnt that whenever a disagreement is brewing, it is either the devil is bringing an attack that he wants to distract them from seeing, or God is bringing a blessing that the devil is trying to blind them from receiving.

26. Love, Submission, Respect: Daddy and Mummy love each other passionately and affectionately. This even reflects in their teachings particularly when they get on the subject of marriage. Mummy is never shy to share their love experiences as it was in the beginning with the church, the same goes for Daddy. There is utmost submission from Mummy in all situations. Irrespective of the divergent nature of the issue at hand, mutual respect exists between them. These are qualities that are worthy of emulation. The Anointed Duo do not spare any expense to ensure the comfort of each other. While Mummy will go to any length to cook Daddy’s best meals at any time of the day. Daddy buys any item for which Mummy directly or indirectly expresses an interest.

27. Drive towards excellence: One thing that is inherent in the Anointed Duo is the unrelenting drive towards excellence at all times. Giving their best to whatever they lay their hands on, in destiny, ministry, raising another generation of leaders, even in dressing and all that. One will notice simplicity yet excellence.

28. Friendly, Firm, and Fair: The Anointed Duo have the attributes of these 3Fs. They could really be humorous and friendly but it is an attribute that must not be misconstrued to be a weakness because they are fair in their dealings on all issues without being prejudicial and firm but very decisive.

29. Lavish on each other: The Anointed Duo do not spare any expense to ensure the comfort of each other. While Mummy will go to any length to cook Daddy’s best meals at any time of the day, Daddy buys any item for which Mummy directly or indirectly expresses an interest. And you can be sure that all these are an outflow of serious commitment to each. This sort of commitment is a product of revelation and divine dealings over time and it is worthy of emulation.

(Compiled by Dream Centre Pastors)

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