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At the last edition, we talked about Divine projects in the Father’s hand. It is still strong in the Father’s heart.

Part of your assignment is to build a house where God will raise children that will build God’s kingdom in a major way. It is a teamwork between you and your husband.

When Moses’ Mother got to know he must be spared, treated differently to survive, she did her bit. Moses wife didn’t team up on time, and we never hear of her. It was Aaron and his sons that continued until Jesus came. Miriam did her bit on ‘Project Moses’. See your children that way.

Everyone trusting God for the fruit of the womb, your baby is happening now, your womb is not barren, your husband is quickened in Jesus name!

Those waiting for your husband to come,  pray that God will couple you to build His house and kingdom connect your need to what God is doing.

The damage you do to your children’s life is enormous when you always quarrel with your husband. Be friends with your spouse. Money cannot buy what it will produce! Have an iron- sharpeneth iron relationship with your spouse (Proverbs  27:17).

Judges 13. Let’s look at Samson’s parent

Children are divine projects. When God wants to do something on Earth, he sends a destiny through a couple. God gave Samson’s parents instructions. God wanted to raise a man in their house that will deal with the Philistines, and for the sake of what God wants to do, she can’t do anyhow; that’s why instructions were given to them. He was to be a Nazarene from the womb. Don’t wait till you give birth before you get your instructions from the Lord. Register for Hebrew women class as soon as you are confirmed pregnant (for Dream Centre members), confess scriptures. If you are from another church reading this, let your pastor pray for you instead of going around telling just anybody that you are pregnant. Get scriptures on God’s promises for you and soak them in; confess them from time to time.

The children in your house, do you know their purpose? Is their destiny being serviced?

God channels His power and resources where His purpose is being channelled

Manoah’s wife told her husband her encounter. That was Rebekah’s mistake; she didn’t tell Isaac but was trying to manipulate God’s purpose.

Don’t be a woman of the flesh but of the Spirit so that you won’t bring strange spirit upon your children. Be careful the word you say.

I didn’t have any example to see as my mother died when I was age five, and I had to depend solely on the Holy Spirit to teach me through the word of God, and that’s the truth of the word of God I preach.

There was a day I was travelling with Daddy, Sis Peace and pastor Joshua, and daddy said something that didn’t go well with me, my flesh wanted to respond, but the Holy Spirit in me helped me not to say anything. Not knowing pastor Joshua was waiting to see what my reaction would be.

It would have affected him negatively If I  had reacted negatively. And till now, apart from God’s voice, Daddy’s voice is the next authority in the family.

No child is young; whatever you do will become a spirit they carry.

They are the Divine projects in your hand, and you need God’s help to treat them as such.

Intercession for your husband and children will work any day; never stop praying for them actively.


  1. 2 Timothy 4:10, Gen 18:19 – Pray that nothing will contend with the will of God in his life. He will not be like Demas, and he will not stray from God’s will. Disengage him from every entanglement either now or in the future.
  2. Psalm 23, Psalm 16:5 – Pray that he will not accept the devil’s offer at any junction in his life. He will follow the shepherds guidance and leading. Tie and wrap him up with the heart to follow after what the Father has ordained for him.
  3. Psalm 25:4-5, John 16:13 – Pray for Holy Ghost interpretation for him whenever the Lord is reaching out to him. Pray against demonic interpretation. His discernment will be high; he will not be deceived.


  1. Ephesians 1:19 (read it in message translation and pray it) & Daniel 1:8 that they will be intelligent and discerning in knowing the Lord personally. That their eyes will be open to see what God has ordained for them. The force of purpose will cause them to make choices that will cause their destiny to blossom.
  2. Daniel 1:4, 9, 15 & Proverbs 22:29 Receive an excellent spirit for them. They will be well favoured with no blemish; they will be skilful in ALL wisdom, cunning in knowledge and understanding. They will stand before kings, always outstanding physically and spiritually.
  3. Genesis 17:19-21, 1 Kings 3:16-27 Separate their lives from every form of demonic exchange. Nothing that is due to them will be taken by the wiles of the enemy. They will be accurate at every junction in their lives.

©Rev Oyenike Areogun

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