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From the Fathers Heart

Dearly Beloved,

If you get involved in what God did not assign you, the devil will ensure you waste your time and effectiveness on the earth.

Many people live life not focusing on the primary issues of life and destiny. They allow secondary issues to take them away from their primary purposes. Some people like Paul did not have marriage on their divine agenda and could have wasted time praying for a spouse.

Stop wasting time in foolish relationships and activities God has not assigned you. For example, when I went to preach somewhere, a pastor said he wanted to be my friend, and I told him there were terms and conditions to that, and he eventually did not become my friend.

Grade people in your life by the importance they bring into your life. Scale people’s significance by the role they play in your life. Your parents start your journey, but when your spouse steps in, you must give him or her the right of way as your co-labourer.

God is always seeking to get you into accuracy and remove things that are diffusing your strength and wasting your time. Only Jesus worked without wasting one second in life. Every one of us has lost time somewhere, but the beauty of creation is that we can redeem the time.

The first time you meet a particular time frame, it is a divine gift to you. Time is God’s gift for you to do something with your life. If you waste that time, God will arrange another time, but the second time you meet it, you will pay; it will no longer be a gift. So, the Bible says you should buy back the time.

How will you divide the 24 hours of each day to different life issues, asking for the time? How will you guarantee a glorious future for yourself and your children the way you are going? You must begin to place RIGHT PRIORITIES on different issues in your life. Every day you are making different decisions. By the time you are 50 years old, what will you have become? May you not be 50 and foolish! You will be 50 and excellent. You will be 50 and great.

Princes work to learn, and enslaved people work to earn money. You should be able to duplicate what you have transacted time with. Your time is your currency, and your attention is the cheque you take to withdraw. Dealing with time is dealing with your future. Be sure that what you do every day contributes to the bank of destiny. Never waste time discussing with someone who cannot give you a decision in 15 minutes.

In backward societies, everything by the devil is designed to waste time, but you must not allow that in your life. You have to master the use of your time. You must know you are responsible for how you distribute your time. Eliminate completely activities that waste your time. Think of the time you take to cook. How much time do you spend watching TV?

Eliminate wrong activities from your life before it eliminates your life and destiny.

Till next time, go and win with Jesus.

God’s Servant,

Rev. Olusola Areogun.

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