Course Curriculum

Course Curriculum

Presently, we run six (6) semesters, in an attempt to adapt the school to RHEMA Bible College. This is to enable us spread the courses and the practical session in a way that the training will be thorough, and I have highlighted below the major content of the two years.

Also, the school is divided into three(3) Departments which each student choses as their area of interest. There are core courses that is compulsory for all students and there are special electives with is peculiar to each person’s department of choice.

The Departments are:

  1. Pastoral Ministry School
  2. Help Ministry School
  3. Missions School

The aim of these departments is to ensure that each student is given opportunity to be trained in the area he/she perceives the call most. Each department is scheduled to run a curriculum that equips the students both practically and theoretically.

Each School has Practical Classes, Research Work and Course Work, and each student is graded based on their cumulative performance on these three. For example, the just concluded crusade in Osu town was part of their practical classes. At the completion of the program, each student is expected to have been thoroughly equipped for his/her destiny.