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Cultivating Intimacy With God

Cultivating Intimacy with God

A Divine Summon to All 

Extracted from a book written by Rev. Olusola Areogun titled “DEVELOPING INTIMACY WITH THE LORD.”

The temptation of the devil and the trap of the devil for you as a child of God is to guide you into a second-hand relationship with your Father, where unconsciously and unknowingly, you make the man of God a replacement for God. In the Old Testament, that was permitted for them because they were not born again; they did not have the Holy Spirit, so they could not build a direct relationship with God. Every time they needed help, whatever the help was, they had to go to a man of God. If there was no man of God around them, then they are left high and dry. It was only the covenant protection that they had available for them. But in the New Testament, we are born again and have baptism in the Holy Spirit. The goal of God is for every believer to come to a place that he can build a thriving, effective and overcoming relationship with the Lord. If your Christianity does not guide you towards that, then it has fallen short of the plan of God.

God did not just say come to church. Coming to church is a means to an end. The means is the church, and the end is God. Church gives you a better atmosphere. Something happens in the church that does not happen anywhere else. There is an atmosphere there that you can’t duplicate in your house, but this atmosphere is neither the end nor your goal. The goal is what the church atmosphere offers your spirit and your emotions. Except there is a demon possessing you, when you come into an atmosphere that is anointed, you begin to have desires for God. You love Him and enjoy Him; even if you don’t know the songs being the song, you just enjoy the atmosphere for the time that you are there.  The purpose of that enjoyment is to sow a seed in you such that you can then go on to duplicate that enjoyment in your personal walk with God.

As a child of God, you live most of the time in a demonic atmosphere. However, when we come to God, we come into an anointed atmosphere. That is why God wants us to understand that we must receive enough from His presence to dominate in the demonic atmosphere we are functioning in when we come to church.

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This book was borne out of a subject Rev. Olusola Areogun took on Solving Economic Problems the Kingdom Way from 2 Kings: 4. The story in 2 Kings: 4 tells us what to do when in a problem as a child of God. You can apply it to an immediate problem or take it as steps to prepare yourself as you go into the future. In this Scripture, you see this woman that cried to a man of God, seeking help and assistance, and she got an anointed instruction. This is a very critical point: a problem remains a problem until God has spoken on it or spoken about it. Once God speaks on a problem, the solution is in motion. That is where your ability to hear anointed guidance will come from. That is the focus of God for your Christianity.

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