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Dearly Beloved,

There is a major difference between godly leadership and worldly leadership. Worldly leadership can be learned, but godly leadership is a flow and life manifestation. Therefore, you must understand and know the things that confer leadership and those that don’t confer leadership.

  • Age- never or does not confer leadership. That you are the oldest in a group does not confer leadership. People expect much from older people, but really advanced age is not equal to wisdom for leadership.
  • Status- Marrying a leader does not make you a leader. You will have to grow and develop into your own roles. Your status as a rich man or a poor man or whatever status you have acquired or was given to you is not what makes you a leader.
  • Position- does not confer leadership. Though it may give you access to leadership functions, but it does not make you a leader. Being in the position of a manager does not say that you are the leader even though leadership functions are expected of you.
  • Title- Title chasers seek leadership, but a title never confers leadership. Therefore, don’t seek leadership titles; seek the leadership life rather. Recognizing differences and maximizing differences for a good outcome is what produces leadership.

A word from God always confers leadership. Anyone in any situation who has a word from God is the leader in that situation.

Temporary leadership is built around expertise. Good leadership is what preserves a generation. Anywhere leadership is lacking, there is always chaos and all kinds of troubles and problems.

Nothing works in the absence of leadership. Structures crash in the absence of leadership.

There is a cry for genuine, strong leadership, and you must prepare yourself for it. Saul took Israel to battle, but he got stuck and put the people in panic. But when David arrived, he supplied the right leadership and defeated the enemy. Bad leadership destroys strength.

Submit to divine process and develop the leadership life under God.


Till next week, go and win with Jesus.

God’s Servant,

Rev. Olusola Areogun.

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