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Dearly Beloved,
One of the greatest attacks of the devil against spiritual development is to turn your responsibility to a prayer point. Take charge of your responsibility and do it.
For example, hearing from God is your responsibility. God will not help you to do that. YOU MUST KNOW HOW TO HEAR FROM HIM.
Developing a sound prayer life is your personal responsibility. Consistent study and meditation of the word of God, living a life of faith will only become effective by taking personal responsibility.

There are dormant communications of the Holy Spirit already in your spirit that must break out into your soul and then become physical realities. You must break forth into them and come into the awareness of it.

God told us “to go back and go over all and every scripture used by the speakers during GOBC & H 2022 in different translations and that when you do that, He will do a personal convention with you, and it will become a personal conversation between you and Him.” That will not happen by prayer; it will only happen by taking personal responsibility for that divine instruction in your life.

There are wells of revelations and answers of God already in your spirit that must break forth. Some things confusing to you today have answers to them right there in your spirit.

Get into activities that heighten your sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Discipline yourself to enjoy such activities.

The Holy Spirit communicates and speaks to people, but you must tune in to the channel He is broadcasting from.

Spiritual activities are what heighten our sensitivity to the Holy Spirit. Don’t enjoy more physical activities in Zion. There are people that all they want to do and enjoy doing in church is physical activities.

If you find yourself enjoying more physical activities than spiritual activities, the devil is after you! Your body enjoys reading newspapers more than the Bible, but you must discipline yourself to read the word of God.

Discipline yourself to enjoy praying in the Spirit.

Praying in the Spirit is what positively changes the texture of your spirit, and it is the person that actually spends more time praying in the Spirit that can enter into accurate conversation with the Father.

Till next time, go and win with Jesus.
God’s Servant,
Rev. Olusola Areogun.

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