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(Culled from the book: Godly counsel for single ladies on sexual matters, written by Rev Oyenike Areogun)

Texts: Romans 8:14; James 1:13-15; Romans 1:21-32

God wants you to be ruled and controlled by the Holy Spirit and not by your emotions, though you are an emotional being. Some people follow their emotions into a relationship and how they respond or react to people. Doing this only ensnares; you are to follow the word of God and the Spirit of God to act and not follow your feelings. Your flesh enjoys sin, and your feelings can deceive you.

Have you ever had a pity on a “419” who told you a lie? Your feeling was simply wrong! Have you ever fallen in love with a smart guy who got you pregnant and told you to abort it and walked away just like that? That emotion you had for him was flaky! He’s not worth it!

If you follow your emotions and flesh, you’ll do crazy things. The question is, “Is this right before God? Is it in line with God’s plan for me?” No. “That’s how I feel, and I will express it.”

I read of a lady who feels like appearing naked all the time; her boyfriend calls her a nudist. Is that right?

I heard another lady said that she craved for a “cleavage.” She wanted a sexier look and went for breast enhancement surgery.

I read of a lady who, after drinking alcohol, feels like being with a man, and it could be anybody and any number!

I know of ladies that just see a man, tall and handsome, or an orator, or does acts of boldness or has carriage or money etc., and they fall like a pack of cards or melt like ice cream. They are ready to do anything to gain his favour and attention and ready to do anything with and for him, and at that period of their lives, they are “crazy.” A man knows it when you’re “gone” for him and can toy with you like a doll, especially if he’s not saved.

Your emotions are given to you by God to have feelings and express them positively. EMOTIONS should be released into what is right, not to release emotions and claim it is right for you because that’s how you feel!

When my father died, I felt like weeping every day for years, but my “Bible sense”, my Christian spirit told me it’s not a safe act – depression is my enemy – so I stopped that emotion because it’s not right for me.

Is it right to woo a man because you want to express yourself? Or is it proper to let him hold your waist, kiss you and do some other things and you actually enjoy them because of what you feel?

Keep such expressions for your husband in marriage, where there is an unrestricted expression of love and some measure of words expression in God-ordained courtship that will lead to marriage.

Are you ensnared in any way to anyone emotionally in a setting that it’s obviously not right? It may be your lecturer, for some people it could be an uncle, dad’s friend.

Watch out not to be enslaved by emotions. God gave you emotions to know what is right or wrong and express them appropriately.

Revd Oyenike Areogun,

The Senior Pastor

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