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Dearly Beloved,

There are two errors that Christians commit on the subject of the calling. The first error is when churches or pastors ask men to perform above their call or rate men above their call. This can lead to frustration, damage and exposure to the devil’s attack. The second error is when churches and members are operating lower than their call. I will like to show you some


1. LITTLE OR NO TEACHING ON THE CALL OF GOD ON THE INDIVIDUAL BELIEVER. Most people assume that only the clergy, the ministers who stand before them in church, have a call and that they don’t have a call. They assume that they are just members of the body of Christ. That is not correct. Every member of the body of Christ is a member of the body of Christ by function, and that function is a product of the calling. Look at Jeremiah 1: 4-5. Just put your name in the place of Jeremiah, and the same is true of you. It does not matter who you are; whether you are born-again or not, God has a call on your life. There are people in hell today, and those who will still go to hell will not be judged as ordinary sinners but will be judged as called people based on their calling. We shall be judged based on our calling, not just on our humanity.

2. THE DEVIL. This is the second reason most people operate less than their calling. You are not a threat to the devil in your salvation; you are a threat to the devil in your calling. Your calling is the part of you that carries an anointing, and it is the anointing that destroys the yoke, the kingdom of the devil and his activities. Therefore, Satan will throw everything in your way to either keep you from your call or pervert your call. If he cannot do either of that, he will try to eject you from the call by fighting you.

3. COMPARISON AND COMPETITION. Look at I Corinthians 12: 14-15. Each part needs different gifts to function in its different roles. For example, the foot has a different assignment from the hand, but it won’t do its own job if it is comparing itself and competing with the hand. This is another reason why people perform less than their call; they compare themselves with others. If you are competing with somebody, you won’t ever do your job, but you will be running that person’s race.

4. LAZINESS AND COMPLACENCY. One thing that you will see in the Bible is that God is a hard worker. There is nobody that works more than God. The Bible does not have a nice view of laziness. God does not condone laziness; neither does He finance or subsidize it. You must do everything possible to discover your call on time and run the full course of it before you leave this earth.


• Be born again- genuinely and authentically.
• Spiritual growth 1 Pet 2:2.
• Sound doctrine.
• Sound character through proper discipleship.
• Sound accountability linkages to be on-ground before you go too far.
• Know God personally, not through another.
• Faith.
• Your walk with the Holy Spirit. Baptism in the Holy Ghost with the evidence of speaking in tongues.
• Your personal commitment to finish the call.
• God can have you within a call and begin to develop your own message and emphasis.
• Serve into the nature of service.

Till next time, go and win with Jesus.
God’s Servant,
Rev. Olusola Areogun.

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