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Edited from The Father’s Heart

Dearly Beloved,

If you have no higher place you are looking forward to, God cannot waste His resources lifting you. This week, I will show you more points on requirements for higher level performance.

You need Higher Strategies

There is a period in your life that nobody cares about what you are doing, whether right or wrong. There are methods that will work at lower levels but will get you exhausted at higher levels. You must understand the strategies that work at higher levels. When I was a younger Pastor, I did counseling every day. But if I do the same now it will affect many other things I ought to be doing. If you don’t change strategy at higher levels, you will be an easy prey than at a lower level. Every leader that was assassinated was killed due to a wrong strategy.

You need Higher Training

Going through higher training will qualify one for higher performance in life. The quality of your training determines your performance in life. Leadership is about movement and you should always demand growth from yourself. Always embrace opportunities for higher training in life.

You need Higher Relationships

Relationships make or mar us. Show me a man that has not had any new relationship for the last ten years, I will show you a man that has not moved forward for the last ten years. Deliberately interact with people operating where you want to go in order to understand their mindsets. In the organisation where you work, don’t only relate with fellow staff members, relate with those higher than you to know what managers are thinking. If you want to be promoted at work, do everything to understand your boss’ motivation and mindset.

Higher personalities will show you a different level of thinking. To be a senior leader in life, the closest people to you shouldn’t be your contemporaries or followers. Read up, feel the pulse of people you are looking up to. Single ladies planning for marriage should have successfully married people as their closest confidants and advisors. The books you are reading must be different, if you want to be a business owner or a school owner. How many books have you read about your intended venture? As a young man or woman aspiring to be a politician, you are expected to read several speeches made by the greatest politicians the world has known. Don’t appear at a higher place in life with no commensurate preparation for it.

Till next week, go and win with Jesus.

God’s Servant,

Rev. Olusola A. Areogun.

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