Dearly Beloved,


1. The destiny of your membership of God’s kingdom.

2. The season and time that you came in.

3. The prophecies that have been spoken over the time you came in

When God speaks to you that He has a purpose and a plan for you, to get to that destination, He puts you somewhere. Take heed to the instructions, processes and procedures at that place where He puts you. Be responsive there. Not being responsive there is being dead there! I have taught you that when God brings you to a place of destiny, you must ask where is your place in this place. There is a place that is meant for you in the general house, you must find out.

Don’t be a member of the kingdom as a spectator. The only official spectators are those that are in Heaven. Don’t be dead while you are alive. There are Christians that are functioning like that. Once you have been placed by God in your destiny house, and you have found what you are to do there. Then, you must be ready to throw your entire being and life into it.

Your season and your time, you must not miss. Imagine if I just become born again at this season. To get to your destiny location, you must be aware of your time and season. In my own time, the visible expressions of the kingdom that God brought me into contributed to the arrival of where God wants me to be.

The next thing you must take heed to is ‘Prophecy concerning that time. Take heed to the prophecies of your time and days. Why many are not behaving rightly is because they are not reading their prophecies. When God made you a member of the Dream Centre, what did He have in mind? When God brought you to church, He brought you to become an expression of divinity .God has different paths for people that lead to their destination in God. You must ensure you follow your own path.

God gives you a calling and then a platform to function. A man with a calling without a platform is a danger on the earth. The Church gives us an expression to our calling. It gives us a platform to express our calling and we must thank God for that.

I tell pastors at the Dream Centre that I have given you platforms of honour to fulfil your calling. Everyone will be answerable to God what they make out of those platforms. Stephen from just the platform of serving tables stepped into the Apostolic dimension of his calling. The same thing with Philip. He stepped into his evangelistic dimension of his calling from serving tables.

Some of you are in the ushering unit, some choir, and some in the security department today, that may be the initial point God is starting you from. My goal is to Pastor you till you discover that calling that I will be able to give you a platform to fulfil it. You start from a Platform. The platforms are like steps. Don’t fall off from the steps. What you are becoming with your platform is what you are doing with your calling.

Once you are given a platform in Dream Centre, you are accountable on two levels:

1. Accountable to me (Daddy) that gave you the platform

2. Accountable to Jesus that gave you the calling.

Ensure that you are faithful on your platform. He that is not faithful cannot be trusted with much!

It is the lack of understanding and awareness of the seasons people are as well as the prophecies that God has spoken over that time that make them to fail in the place of destiny. I pray for you a baptism of understanding of the destiny of your membership, an awareness of your seasons and time under God and the prophecies that have been spoken over the time you came in.


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