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From The Father’s Heart – Easter Faith Seminar


Dearly Beloved,

There are two teachings about faith; one is a general teaching on faith and the other one is a prophetic teaching on faith. A general teaching on the subject of faith is to give you a foundation and a prophetic teaching of faith is to give you a cutting edge. The general teaching of faith is coming from the logos of God – the Bible, while the prophetic teaching of faith is coming from the prophetic word and direction that God is giving. So you blend the two to work together for you.

The general subject of faith involves the confession of the word of God either into your spirit or to yourself or over a situation. The confession of the word is to your faith what food is to your physical health. What the accelerator in your car is to your car and what water is to your thirst, is what faith is to your spirit.

When people hear the word faith, they get confused because they don’t take the time to study the Word to know what God says about the subject of faith. The Bible talks of faith in different shades to give us different understanding and clear position to take.

No one can have strong faith force if he is unable to skillfully use his mouth. You will know when your faith force is weak just as you will know when you are sick and your natural force is weak, so if you sense your faith force is weak; check your confession first of all. You will notice you have been speaking some wrong things of late and you have stopped speaking right things.

When you are in the presence of God in Church, you are in an atmosphere that is charged with faith; it is easy to make confessions of faith. The teachings of faith that are going on would have created an atmosphere of faith but the battles of faith are not fought in Church, they are fought when you are alone. And that is when you need to get your mouth strong and working. You should either check your confession or you increase your confession of the word of God.

Confessing the word of God to create a tangible reality of that word for you; like a special atmosphere of safety of nothing missing and nothing broken.  Every time I go out, I declare the word of God, “My path and that of the destroyer don’t cross”. You need to have some scriptures that you declare over your life constantly to create a peculiar atmosphere like a force field around yourself. A Christian on planet earth today is synonymous to an American soldier in Syria. If you go to Israel (because they are in a zone of war constantly) there is alertness and awareness even though they are living their life normally; there is awareness and a readiness to spring into action. So, it is very important to understand that a Christian living on planet earth today is a man living in hostile territory. Heaven is our home, we are heading there but this place is where we are currently functioning and it is hostile territory. When a soldier is living in hostile territory, he doesn’t go out dressed casually.

So, confessing the word of God creates a tangible reality of that word for you; like a special atmosphere of safety of nothing missing and nothing broken.

Till next edition, go and win with Jesus.

God’s Servant,

Rev. Olusola Areogun.

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