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From the Father’s Heart – Mar II 2021 EDT


Dearly Beloved,

God is still speaking today. He is the God of revelation, and He is still revealing Himself to man. Every child of God is at a distinct level of hearing God. Don’t force yourself to hear on another level that is not your level.

There are two categories of communication, and both are supernatural.

  1. Basic communications
  2. Spectacular communications.

The good thing is that God can use both. However, God communicates to the majority of His children through basic communications. That is the usual way. God communicates to people through spectacular means on rare occasions. When God communicates to people through spectacular means, it is a pointer to the kind of battle awaiting them in the future, and they will need that kind of divine communication for stability when the time comes.

Many things speak to us. These include our emotions, thoughts, desires, problems, demons, and God. The greatest of all is the voice of God. Man differentiates one voice from another by the word of God. As a child of God, you are not a normal human being. Don’t let the devil interpret the word of God for you. If the devil cannot supply your information, he wants to be your interpreter. Don’t allow the devil to interpret divine communications to you.

I had a revelation of the Lord one day where I saw our pastors gathered together. I saw amongst them one of our old pastors that had gone to be with the Lord. He showed up among them and changed to one of our pastors. I told Mummy to go to the pastor’s meeting that the spirit of death is coming after that brother. They gathered around the pastor and prayed for him. After that event, He had an accident, and the car somersaulted three times. The car was a complete write-off. They could not believe that he came out of the car. He is alive today! That was divine communication.

If God is sure you will do something about it; He will get across to you communications to help others around you. I wrote in one of my books’ Structuring Your Life for Responsibility,’ that God will not bypass the responsible for divine assignment and divine communication. If God communicates to you the first, second and third time and you are not faithful, He won’t trust you with divine communication again.

Ways of Communication of the Holy Spirit to us

1 The word of God – Start obeying the principles and commandments in the Bible. The Bible covers the general will of God to us.

2 The inner witness of the Holy Ghost – This may come as a reaction from your inside trying to do something.

3 Gifts of the spirit – The word of wisdom, word of knowledge, discerning of spirits, and so on.

4 Signs – There are times God will use a sign to talk to you. A godless generation most of the time, is looking for signs.

5 Godly counsel – Psalm 1:1-3. There are two counsels:

  • Counsel of the godly
  • Counsel of the ungodly. Make sure you always go with godly counsels. Such counsels may come through your pastors, friends, parents, and so on.

6 Circumstances – Sometimes, God uses situations. If you do not get the inner witness, God will stop you by circumstances. Stop fighting and struggling with God; you are not a normal human being.

7 An inner voice – 1 Kings 19:12. A still small voice. Don’t forget, God is still speaking today, but men may not be hearing Him. Make sure you are in tune with God.


Till next week, go and win with Jesus.

God’s Servant,

Rev. Olusola Areogun.


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