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From The Father’s Heart – Mar III 2021


Dearly Beloved,

You can understand by the help of the Holy Spirit different ways by which divine communications come to us. A number of points has been discussed previously. Other areas of divine communication include the following.

1 Dreams


  • Literal Dreams
  • Symbolic dreams
  • Nonsensical dreams
  • Demonic dreams – demonic assault
  • Divine dreams

Dreams must be placed in proper perspective and dealt with. Let the Holy Spirit give you correct interpretation to your dreams. Somebody had a dream that his car was stolen and after that his wife lost 7 months pregnancy. When you have dreams, God is showing you something, deal with it. However, it is never God’s best way to minister to you in dreams. God is only forced to minister to you in dreams sometimes after He has ministered to you through your spirit man once or twice and you perceive it not.

This is because the devil also communicates to people through dreams. Therefore, dreams are not 100 percent safe. Dreams are not God’s safest way of leading you.

2 Perception

This is an unveiling like a window blind that is being opened gradually and light is flooding. To perceive something is to notice or be conscious. Acts 14: 8-10. In this passage, the faith of the crippled man would have gone unnoticed if Paul had not perceived in his spirit and he would have left that meeting still crippled but Paul perceived and spoke the word that launched him unto his feet. To perceive is as if you enter into a room and somebody is hiding at the back of the door, but after sometime, you begin to perceive that somebody is there with you.

3 Being grieved. Acts 16:16-18

The lady in this passage above was under the influence of demon spirits. There was no way Paul would have picked that in the natural. But he was suddenly grieved. Being grieved means to suddenly have a sinking sensation in the pit of your belly over a matter. You lose all joy on the matter. Only God can tell how many pastors have been deceived, seduced and suffered losses because they did not follow that sensation before entering into alliances.

4 Divine stirring

It is a divine stirring in your spirit. You just have a holy sense of urgency to do something.

Sometimes you have the holy urgency to move from somewhere to another place. It is a divine stirring.

5 Divine restraint

You have planned a trip and something is restraining you from going. The opposite of restraint is a release. As you spend time in the word of God and pray in the spirit, it gets stronger. Always respond to divine restraint. You must know the difference between stops and fear. Stops are from the Holy Spirit while fear is from the devil. I pray for that distinction to be in your spirit.

6 Drawing of your heart

Ministers of God must learn to respond to the drawing of the heart. If something is yours five years to come, if you pray very well something will draw your hearts to steps that will take you there. As that drawing of the heart draws you to what is good, it also draws you away from what is not good.

7 A Knowing.

A supernatural knowing like light flood your heart. The Holy Spirit never condemns you, He convicts. If there is something wrong that you have done, He convicts you. If a wrong thought comes into your heart, a lack of peace will come.

8 Constraint

If you have ever felt like going to toilet before, a feeling like that in the spirit is referred to as CONSTRAINT. Job said my belly is full of matter and feel like speaking. Constraint is a strong inner pressure in the spirit to go ahead. You are only refreshed if you do what the spirit constrains you to do.

Till next week, go and win with Jesus.

God’s Servant,

Rev. Olusola Areogun.



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