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A Pastor would have married a young lady who came from a family where they cover things up. I pastored her mother and stepfather. The mother had this lady before she met her husband. The husband never knew that the lady was the woman’s daughter because the woman had her when she was a young girl and every man who wanted to marry her rescinded once they got to know that she already had a child. So, she decided to start calling the lady her sister. She then got married to the man who thought the lady was his wife’s sister.

Whenever the man is out of the house, the two of them would relate like mother and daughter, but when the man gets back, the daughter would call the mother Auntie.

Years later, when the daughter herself was to get married, she wanted to marry a Pastor then something happened. The Pastor fell sick and the lady travelled for three months; she just disappeared. I told the Pastor that as his Senior Pastor, I could not allow him to marry her because I was convinced that there was a part of her life that she went away to settle during the three months she disappeared for. I told the Pastor that it was dangerous if she’s keeping secrets from him when they were still engaged because I didn’t want him to just die mysteriously one day.

Sometimes, people fight Pastors because they don’t have an understanding of the truth about joining. I wouldn’t want my younger brother to put his neck into something wrong like that. I told the Pastor to find out where she disappeared to for three months when he was sick. If there’s a part of her life that he didn’t know, he would be joined to that if he married her.

Do you have somebody in your life to help you see what you could not see?

Some people are fighting the person that could see what they are not seeing and they turn their nose up.

That same brother got engaged to a young lady, a nurse that a sugar daddy was sponsoring in Nursing School. If he had married her and a sugar daddy is visiting his wife behind him, can you imagine a Pastor’s wife sleeping around with another man? Most times other people will be aware of such a thing and the concerned husband will be the only one that won’t know.

Ask yourself: what is joined to me?  If your story, your life, or the lives of your children are not going the way a Christian experience should be, if your business is not prospering the way that what a believer does should prosper, something is polluting the flow somewhere. What is joined to you? God wants you to be joined to the anointing in a new way as you read this. Not only should you be joined to the anointing, when you are joined together as husband and wife, you are also joined to Jesus.

Is there something else that is joined to you which is bringing a negative flow? Ask Isaac where he learned to tell lies from Genesis 26:6-11. He was joined to Jehovah but that flow came from Abraham because Abraham himself told a lie Genesis 20:1-18. So, there was an ancestral flow of lies that was joined to Isaac. Where did it get into Jacob? The Bible says he grabbed the heel of his brother from the womb. That ancestral flow joined to him as well. Have you checked out what flows are joined to you from your ancestry? Have you asked questions? Find out who you are.

In Yoruba families, they go to check the families their children want to marry into if there are any kind of occurrences of strange sicknesses, diseases and happenings. They are concerned because they understand that spirits transfer things generationally. It is also in the Bible. Doctors too know that there is a generational flow/transfer of psychiatric issues. If there is such, it doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t marry the person, however, you need to understand what is being joined to you so you can know the work you have to do because if you don’t do the work, that thing will keep polluting the flow in your life.

Some years ago, I was in my house in a town in South-West Nigeria and my nose picked up the smell of Ampiclox. I started wondering if someone had poured it on the floor. After I searched and couldn’t find anything, I perceived it to be some attack in the spirit but I didn’t know what it was. I started praying in tongues and my spirit kept going to the well in front of the house. I went there and prayed then we started noticing that the water we were drinking tasted somehow and we called somebody to check out the well. When the well was checked, they discovered that there was one big rat that had died inside the well and was rotten. That was what God was calling attention to with the smell of Ampiclox. That thing polluted the water we were drinking.

There are people who are drinking polluted water spiritually, maritally, and financially. There are some people that have signed some covenants with the devil. They know but they will never tell anybody that is praying for them.

Jeremiah 50:5

They shall ask the way to Zion, with their faces toward it, saying, ‘Come and let us join ourselves to the Lord in a perpetual covenant that will not be forgotten.

When you get born again, you have joined yourself to the Lord. However, there are further joinings that happen after that. Be careful that a negative flow does not join you.

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