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Intimacy Accuracy Impact

Intimacy Accuracy Impact

Extracted from a book written by Rev. Olusola Areogun titled “DEVELOPING INTIMACY WITH THE LORD.”

God did not plan that a child of God lives a life of trial and error, and if we are not going to live that kind of life, we must understand this particular subject of Developing Intimacy with the Lord. 

Look at these three words: Intimacy, Accuracy and Impact. Intimacy will birth accuracy; accuracy will birth impact. 

Intimacy with the Lord will produce accuracy in your life, and accuracy in your life will produce impact.

This is very important. If you develop this, it will be one of the greatest tools for success and effectiveness that you can have on the earth. 

Some years ago, a friend and I decided to play a prank on my friend’s wife. My friend and I were in a place while my wife, Rev. (Mrs) Areogun and my friend’s wife were doing something somewhere else in the same building. To play the prank, we got a telephone number that was not the usual number of my friend, and we dialled his wife’s number, and my friend started talking to the wife. He said, “Hello, Sister Mary.” She said, “Hello.” He said, “This is so and so your former boyfriend.” She said, “Hello, who is this?” He answered, “Your former boyfriend, I want to meet you.” He started trying to chat her up, and she started running to where the husband was and said, “Daddy, come and hear somebody on the phone.” When she came there, she found us laughing and said, “Are you the one?” We said, “Oh yes, we were the ones playing a prank on her.” We got her.

I have tried that several times on my wife, Rev. (Mrs) Areogun, and it has not worked. Why has it not worked? It’s because we have intimacy. 

Regularly we get fraudulent calls from different places. And I’m sure that some of the people that were involved came to church once or twice. Not everybody that comes to church is looking for God.  Some people are looking for some other things. 

Sometimes somebody will call and say, “Hello, I’m calling from London. Ah, don’t you know me anymore?” and stuff like that. And of course, as soon as they talk like that, we know this is false because nobody we know will speak with us like that.

So that intimacy has become protection. So I want you to take cognizance of this because it is imperative. 


You can get your copy of the Book “DEVELOPING INTIMACY WITH THE LORD” from Abundant Life House online book store by clicking on the link below:

This book was borne out of a subject Rev. Olusola Areogun took on Solving Economic Problems the Kingdom Way from 2 Kings: 4. The story in 2 Kings: 4 tells us what to do when in a problem as a child of God. You can apply it to an immediate problem or take it as steps to prepare yourself as you go into the future. In this Scripture, you see this woman that cried to a man of God, seeking help and assistance, and she got an anointed instruction. This is a critical point: a problem remains until God has spoken on it or spoken about it. Once God speaks on a problem, the solution is in motion. That is where your ability to hear anointed guidance will come from. That is the focus of God for your Christianity.

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