The Living Jesus Ministerial Training Institute is an offshoot of the assignment the Lord gave to His servant, Rev Olusola Ayodele Areogun to help men realize their God–given dreams in life.
The school is aimed at training and grooming called men and women for their assignment from God, both by doctrine and by practical ministry, such that they have a life that God approves of and can minister anywhere in the world. It is the purpose and goal of this college to provide our students with quality academic and practical teachings based upon scriptural truths. The Jiving Jesus Ministerial Training Institute is mandated by God and is designed to stimulate and open the minds of people called of God to walk in their divine calling.
The curriculum is designed to help pastors, evangelist, teachers, preachers, missionaries and others involved in the work of the ministry at one level of the understand the details of the ministerial work and then function in it with power, integrity and excellence. It is also meant to help ministers and would –be ministers to carry to make a full proof o their ministry by providing them with in depth theological approaches in studying the word of God.
The school will welcome students from different churches. It is a tool to release sound ministers for the body of Christ. However genuine salvation experience is a pre- requisite.

The LJMTI believes and preaches Christ, His birth, His baptism, His works, His teachings, His crucifixion, His eternal reign, His white throne judgment, and His new heavens and the new earth, when He shall put all enemies under His feet and shall reign eternally, and the church shall abide with Him forever.

The church believes in:

  • The divine inspiration and authority of the bible.
  • The trinity of the persons in one God head
  • The virgin birth, sinless life, atoning death, triumphant resurrection, ascension and abiding intercession of the Lord Jesus Christ, His second coming and millennial reign upon the earth.
  • Justification and sanctification of the believer through the redemptive work of Christ.
  • The sacrament of baptism by immersion and of the Lord’s Supper (Holy Communion) with emphasis on the mystery and power of the blood and body (flesh) of Jesus at the communion table.
  • Baptism of the Holy Spirit with the evidence of speaking in tongues and signs following believers.
  • The nine gifts of the Holy Spirit for spiritual and physical benefits of the body of Christ (the universal church) as well as the nine-fold fruit of the spirit.
  • Strong church government under the leadership of the local pastor with the other four fold ministries contributing to prepare the members of the church for the work of the ministry (service), for the building up of the church towards the attainment of unity in the faith and in the knowledge of Jesus Christ, the Son of God and for the maturity of the church to the full measure of the fullness of Christ.
  • The possibility of falling from grace.
  • The obligatory nature of the tithes and offerings.

All applicants must provide a salvation testimony and give evidence of sound

Christian character. This would include a decision for Jesus Christ, commitment to

the will of God, and determination to prepare for Christian service. The student must be filled with the Holy Spirit, and his/her character should be such that he/she is considerate of others, obedient to authority, willing to work, and willing to be taught. Habits or lifestyles that are inconsistent with a Christian witness are unacceptable.

LJMTI requires all applicants to:

  1. Be born again and living a clean, committed, moral life.
  2. Be at least 18 years of age.
  3. Submit a completed application.
  4. Pay a stipulated non-refundable application fee.
  5. Submit two personal recommendations to LJMTI along with application. One
  6. should be filled out by your current pastor, and one by your present employer or an
  7. individual (not related to applicant) who has known you for at least three years.
  8. All applicants must be willing to allow LJMTI to do a background check if necessary.
  9. Supply Main Campus Registrar's office with official copies of all transcripts from
  10. Previously attended institutions.
  11. Applicant must submit an health report about him/ herself to certify him/her fit for the admission.
  12. The applicant will receive official notification in writing after his/her application
  13. has been approved.

Presently, we run six (6) semesters, in an attempt to adapt the school to RHEMA Bible College. This is to enable us spread the courses and the practical session in a way that the training will be thorough, and I have highlighted below the major content of the two years.

Also, the school is divided into three(3) Departments which each student choses as their area of interest. There are core courses that is compulsory for all students and there are special electives with is peculiar to each person’s department of choice.

The Departments are:

  1. Pastoral Ministry School
  2. Help Ministry School
  3. Missions School

The aim of these departments is to ensure that each student is given opportunity to be trained in the area he/she perceives the call most. Each department is scheduled to run a curriculum that equips the students both practically and theoretically.

Each School has Practical Classes, Research Work and Course Work, and each student is graded based on their cumulative performance on these three. For example, the just concluded crusade in Osu town was part of their practical classes. At the completion of the program, each student is expected to have been thoroughly equipped for his/her destiny.