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God wants to ask you these 3 questions as a couple:

1. Are you joined together?

2. What are you joined to?

3. What is joined to you?

There are joints in a building; electrical wires, connections, sockets points joining different things, etc. In your house, there are water pipes and there are joints in the water pipes.

If a dirty water pipe joins the pipe into your house, you will be drinking polluted water. That is why you must ask to know what is connected to you in your marriage. Then you must also ask to know what you are joined to. Those things will determine what flows into your marriage. No matter who you are, we all need grace.

Are you joined correctly to divine grace? How much grace is available for you in your marriage? There is no situation that doesn’t have challenges but the grace of God brings ease of function.

I ministered to somebody some time ago and the person and I never thought there would be any manifestation. I just laid my hands and prayed to administer healing to the person, and I found myself saying, “Every spirit that has been sent to this person’s life…” and he just went down like that when the anointing hit him. He was dazed that there was a spirit involved, but that spirit was dealt with.

Supposing that spirit was not dealt with, the woman that got married to that man is going to join to that spirit also because marriage is a joining.

Ephesians 4:16- From whom the whole body, joined and knit together by what every joint supplies, according to the effective working by which every part does it’s share, causes growth of the body for edifying of itself in love.

The Bible says there is something that every joint supplies. What are the joints in life? Every man is a joint in life. Whatever the children will become will be determined to a large extent by not just their efforts, but what the father joins them to. A man is a joint and a major joint at that. The man is a major joint in life because when a woman marries, she becomes ‘Mrs. Man’. Whatever that man is joined to, the woman is automatically joined to as well.

God can join two people together in marriage to destroy something wrong, that is a possible divine working and don’t forget that.

The question is, are you joined together or are you just living together as husband and wife? That is the first thing. This is because many marriages are not a ‘joining together’, so the children are not covered and anything they do together does not work. The devil has a license to oppose them, he has a license to attack them anytime he likes. If you are reading this and you are married, you may not understand why you have been having challenges and problems (sicknesses are always attacking your children, business is not moving on, finances and everything is just not working well etc.) but I am telling you that the reason is that there is no joining.

The Bible says “…behold, he (Abraham) is to thee a covering of the eyes…” (Genesis 20:16).


Every woman should take critical notice of that statement.

I have not seen one! I am not talking of all kinds of funny ideas that the Western world has brought in on the issue of submission by calling submission home slavery.

The fact that one in every two marriages in the Western world breaks apart tells us that they can’t teach us anything good about marriage.

Marriage is not a Western world institution, it is God’s institution and we don’t listen to any other except God to find out how to run marriage.

If you see a minister from the Western world that his home is not sound, don’t listen to anything he has to say on marriage. You can listen to his preaching on healing or other topics but get your Bible and look for somebody whose marriage is sound.

Every society practices different things. In the Western world for example, they call each other by first names. However, it does not matter what the society practices, every society must find a way for the woman to submit biblically to the husband before a joining can take place. Every man must also take his place of scriptural leadership in the home; that is the first basis and that is the only safety gauge if your children are not going to be opened up. It is better to remain single and be successful than to marry and be divided. The Bible says, “Two are better than one…” (Eccl.4:9), one shall chase a thousand and two ten thousand. That is the exponential increase that marriage brings.

The Bible says, “He who finds a wife finds a good thing, and obtains favour from the Lord” (Pro. 18:22). I HAVE NEVER SEEN A MAN THAT IS UNDER THE DOMINION OF EITHER HIS FATHER OR HIS MOTHER THAT SUCCEEDS IN MARRIAGE. Both a woman that is not submissive and a man that is not the head are looking for trouble.

No matter how good your parents have been, there must come a time that they release their children and wards to live their lives.

Anyone else apart from the husband is scripturally disqualified to rule the home.

Understand this because if you are going to have a home where champion spirits can be raised, where the devil will not enter in, where the power of exponential increase of one chasing a thousand and two chasing ten thousand can function in, where the favour that God has reserved for marriage can explode, then you must run your marriage on the basis of a joining not a partnership.

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