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From the Father’s Heart


Dearly Beloved,

Today, I want to share with you some priorities you need to take note of in the eternal counsel of God for you if you are to go far with God. Priority is what comes before what, and as a child of God, you must learn to set your priorities right in life. The Lord once said to me, “I am a serious God; if you take me serious, I will take you serious”. So likewise, it takes a man that takes God seriously to set his priorities right. So let me share with you some priorities in the eternal counsel of God.


  1. Your ability to discern and respond to God’s counsel will determine how He will respond to you.


  1. On the scale of preference of God, the man of God is more important than the work of God.


  1. What God wants to do is more important than what you want to do. When you set priorities right in God’s purpose and plan, your life becomes a priority in the hand of God. As a child of God, you must know that how God tells you to do something is more important than how you feel it should be done.


  1. Anything that is of God let it be a priority to you. For example, the assignment of God, instructions of God, servants of God, fellowship with God, properties of God, let them carry priorities before you.


  1. Don’t build your relationship with God around your schedule, but let your schedule be built around your relationship with God. To build your relationship with God around your schedule, carry out your own schedule first and then use the remaining time for God. Let God have your time, plan your relationship with God first, and then align your schedule with what you have planned.


  1. You cannot pass with God with an unscriptural arrangement of priorities. When family, business, career or job is more important to you than God, then you have legally signed an agreement to remain small in life, and by that, you will not be able to go far with God.


  1. Always look for God’s principles and not his methods. The principles are the same all over, but the methods are not always the same. When Moses was to lead Israel across the Red sea, he stretched forth the rod over the sea, and it parted. However, when it came to the turn of Joshua at the river of Jordan, he made the priests bearing the ark to stand at the brim of the water. The message is this, it was the divine presence that parted the Red sea, not the rod, and anything that carries the divine presence will part any obstacle. Joshua was able to separate the principle from the method, and you must learn to do the same as you walk with God.


  1. The love of your heart is a revelation of your priority. For as long as Solomon sought the Lord, He made Solomon to prosper. The outcome became entirely different when his priority shifted from God.


  1. Never celebrate the faithfulness of God only because of what He is doing currently in your life but always acknowledge His faithfulness irrespective of the circumstances.



Till next time, go and win with Jesus.

God’s Servant,

Rev. Olusola Areogun.

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