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Text: Matthew 25:14-30

God doesn’t bypass the responsible for divine communication and divine choice (assignment). Responsibility draws God to a man. Make yourself responsible, and you can’t stop God from coming to you. Your life becomes attractive to God if you make yourself responsible.

What responsible people do daily is what others occasionally do. Responsible people do by discipline what others do by feelings. What responsible people do by commitment is what others do by excitement. The assignments that your God-ordained pastor gives you are divine assignments from God. When you are faithful in your local church, God will commit more to your hands.

You are responsible for certain things while on earth; you have to find such things. Identify those people you are responsible to and those people you are responsible for, then observe your obligations. You cannot structure your life for responsibility if you don’t identify the things you are going to give an account for later. The level of responsibility that you develop is going to determine the amount of kingdom resources you can control.

I want to believe there are levels of responsibility. It’s a level of responsibility that gets you enlisted in kingdom service (stewardship) initially. But for you to get qualified for higher kingdom assignment (leadership), you need to upgrade your level of responsibility and accountability. For instance, the level of responsibility that is required from a choir member differs from the level of responsibility that is required from a choir leader.

A lot of times, many people use excuses to disqualify themselves from progressing in the things of God. The excuse may be acceptable to the pastor/committee leader but note that God sees beyond your verbal/facial expressions. He sees into your heart and knows all things. God knows if it’s possible for you to adjust even if you present to the pastor that it’s not possible. You may go away with an excuse rather than stretching yourself to accommodate divine demands, which will link you up to higher things of God for you.

Sometimes, we know how we adjust/respond to our career, social, family demands but prefers to excuse ourselves when it comes to kingdom demand. Daddy said, “Great people do by commitment what other people do by convenience”. Mummy said, “if you can’t serve God with a higher level of commitment than you give to your career, then give the same level of commitment to both your career and kingdom service and not lesser commitment to your kingdom service”. Remember, God is a jealous God. The divine purpose (the spiritual) is the reason for the physical life.

It’s very important to note that the kingdom assignment is between you and God (on a personal note). Only God knows all the capacity He has built-in you at creation. He knows His treasure and investments in you. He gives us kingdom assignment to maximize us and give expression to His treasures in us. We will personally give account to God at the end of the day, not daddy and mummy. Luke 19:13, I Corinthians 4:2, 3:6-15 ( emphasize 8b, 10c, 13a).

Whatever part of the work in the house you are required to serve, respond to the ability of God inside you, don’t spare yourself. Stretch to fill the role and circle that grace has drawn for you in God. Take the work personally in the context of the structure and vision of the house. Always remember that God is the judge of all. Serve unto the eternal purpose, not earthly gain alone.

Remain blessed

Rev. Olusola A. Areogun.


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