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Romans 12: 1 -3: 1 Timothy 4:1-2;

By Rev Olusola Areogun

Now, these are the three clearest evidences of being born again:

1 A changed nature that leads to a changed attitude to sin and sinful behaviours.

It’s a changed nature first that leads to a changed attitude to sin and sinful activities. If that is not there that person is not yet born again. If you are truly born again you knew when that happened with your understanding. Now don’t forget that principle anything that your understanding is not involved in does not have any effect as far as the Bible and yourself, God and yourself is concerned. Five of you can be born by the same parent and you are the only person born again, your nature is different; that is why they quarrel with you. That is why sometimes when you got born again, people that you grew up together you don’t suddenly see eye to eye. It looks like light and darkness because the natures are different now. The way you will see life is different from the way they will see life. Priorities are different, pursuits are different, and purposes are different.

Now you have got to understand that, a changed nature that leads to a changed attitude to sin and sinful activities. I didn’t say changed practices first of all, changed nature that gives birth to changed attitude. In fact, you feel ashamed of what you were boasting of before, you feel embarrassed at what they were hailing you for before. If you don’t have a changed attitude to sin you are not born again.

That people accept your Church doctrine does not mean that they are saved, that they are born again. That is why I told you the difference between original sin and personal sin.

2 An awakened conscience.

An awakened conscience that does not allow you to be at peace in wrong things whether thoughts, words, deeds or behaviour, an awakened conscience. Every human being was created with a conscience in them which represent the voice of God in everybody. In fact, the Bible tells us that those that died without been exposed to the gospel when they would be judged it is the record of their conscience that will be recollected and recalled by God. Look at the passage below:

Romans 2: 14 – 15 For when the Gentiles, which have not the law, do by nature the things contained in the law, these, having not the law, are a law unto themselves: Which shew the work of the law written in their hearts, their conscience also bearing witness, and their thoughts the mean while accusing or else excusing one another;)

That’s Gods law, that’s the conscience God put inside people. And that law, He would bring it back to judge those people. But when you are born again, your conscience is awakened to God’s person, God’s standards, God’s activities and your conscience is reset to Divine parameters. I make bold to tell you, every born again person already knows everything wrong they are doing in their lives. Every born again person here already knows everything that is not right that they are doing. When somebody asks me a question and says excuse me sir, is it right to masturbate or not? And I ask him, is it right? He said am not sure that is why I am asking. He already knows it is not right, his conscience has told him it is not right but his soul that has been educated wrong is arguing with his conscience that is why he is asking the question that’s all. Is it right to shout at my wife? You already know because the minute you shouted your conscience rose up that’s wrong but your head that is trained in an African way that a man can mistreat his wife says after all, after all… but your conscience is not leaving you alone so you are not okay. That is why you are asking the question. But if you are truly born again, you already know everything that is wrong. You know it so don’t tell me you don’t know.

How do we mishandle our conscience? Let me show you. I read a story some years ago of how to cook a frog without killing it. And this is how to cook a frog without killing it; put the frog in a bowl of water and put it on a stove and start increasing the temperature gradually. And the frog will adjust to the increasing temperature until you boil it without jumping out. That is exactly what you do to your conscience. Nobody deliberately violates his conscience. People just start adjusting the standard, adjusting the standard until you have given your conscience another standard. Sometimes when we buy some equipment, they give a button to reset to a factory standard, have you seen that? Every phone has that. When you got born again your conscience was reset by salvation to the divine standard. You don’t need to know everything in the Bible to know what is wrong or right.

So when people are not born again their conscience is in a state that you can’t trust the signals but it is still there. When you get born again there is an awakening process, a resetting operation of God back to divine parameters. If you are preaching and you said something you shouldn’t say your conscience rise up, now whether you will now talk and correct yourself or not that is left to you, but every time your conscience rises up, and you refuse to respond to it, you are adjusting the signal and when you adjust it, it’s like elasticity, you are giving your conscience permission to allow you to do that thing again and when you do it again, you give it more permission until a point when your conscience will not stop you when you are wrong not that God didn’t change it. So every time your conscience strikes you stop immediately and correct it. Keep your conscience in a state of life, sensitivity.

3 Changed behaviours that increasingly conform to the nature of Christ.

Changed behaviour. Now you noticed that is the last one I mentioned. Religion starts you from the changing of your behaviour. You see except you look for God, if you are looking for God through men they will give you another picture of God different from who God really is. When your heart is changed by the saving power of Christ, one of the outward expression is that the lifestyle and behaviours also change. There is a transformation that takes place, from the inside out. It is not by human resolution, but by the power of God, the person loses power to do the wrong things he or she has been doing before.

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