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The Leadership Power

From the Father’s heart

Dearly beloved of God, leadership is in your destiny. It is your destiny to become a leader. As a matter of fact, there is a portion of your life purpose and dream that you will never enter into except if you understand and walk in Leadership power. Although no one is born a leader, leadership can be developed and acquired. I wrote a book on acquiring the leadership life. It will definitely do you good to get the book and read it.

I want you to take note of the following definitions:

Leadership Power: Leadership power means ability and potency; it means that the leader possesses what it takes to do leadership duties and function effectively as a leader.

Leadership title: This is just a nomenclature that defines the leader’s roles or office. That you carry a leadership title does not mean that you are operating in the power that gets the job done.

Many men are just carrying leadership titles without the power of leadership. I do not want you to be such a man. That is not the kind of man God created you to be. God wants you to be that leader with leadership power, potent and strong in your spirit to get things done and fulfil your God-given destiny. 

Leadership is responsibility. There is an equipping required to be able to take responsibility.

For instance, a man ought to be the leader of his home. The leadership title is Man, husband, or Father. That he has those titles does not automatically confer on him the ability or potency to perform and to function in headship. It takes an equipping for you to really function in those roles. That is what I call leadership power. I pray for you that the Lord will anoint you and equip you for all the roles you stand in as a man.

God is looking for leaders, men who can move people as one man towards God’s divine purpose for them. The Lord said concerning Abraham, “For I know him, that he will command his children and his household after him and they shall keep the way of the Lord, to do justice and judgment; that the Lord may bring upon Abraham that which he hath spoken of himGen18:19.

The Lord knew Abraham; he had checked him out, tested him, weighed him and searched him out and had come to perceive that Abraham had that potency as a leader; Abraham was God’s own leader.

Abraham was God’s example of a man who carried leadership power. And I don’t believe all those leadership seminars are as good as they may seem.

You must understand that every leadership position is keenly contested in the spirit realm. Every similitude of leadership has satan’s eyes on it as well as the eyes of the most high God. Because the leader can change lives, the leader can affect generations. Some fathers have gotten involved in occultism and have sold out the lives and destinies of coming generations to the devil to the 4th generation. The children from his loins are born into struggles and demonic oppressions. Entire generations have been wiped out because a leader yielded to evil. To ignore leadership under the pretext of being humble is folly. The church was deceived generations back to feel that contesting for leadership positions was carnal, and this has led to many evil men being moved and possessed by the devil to colonize our leadership cycles in many countries across the globe. We have been made to think that we can only change things by prayer. The bible, however, shows us a Daniel who occupied the highest leadership positions in the country and yet was a man of prayer. It was easier for him and more effectively to change things in his day. His leadership was impeccable, yet his prayer life and the power it carried were outstanding. He challenged the status quo in his day.

Nehemiah, Ezra, and Esther were leaders in their time. God promoted them to those positions, and they were there for specific purposes, and they understood it. Talk about Joseph in Egypt, an outstanding leader he was; he saved an entire generation.

Whether you like it or not, leadership is keenly contested and will be more keenly contested. People have murdered leaders just to take their place. Presidents of Nations, heads of organizations, and captains of industries have been killed and murdered in cold blood just because of the contest for leadership. Therefore, I want you to know that if you carry a leadership title, you must seek the leadership power to back up your title; otherwise, when the enemy comes like a flood, you will be swept away like others. May that not be your portion in Jesus’ name. So be sensitive to leadership and the contests around it.

Areas of life where you need leadership power.

  1. In the Spiritual.
  2. In the Physical.
  3. At home.
  4. At work and in your career.
  5. In the Church.
  6. In your ministry
  7. In your calling.

You need to manifest leadership power in every aspect of your life. You must understand that leadership power is first spiritual before it manifests in the physical.

Till next month go and win with Jesus.

God’s Servant,

Rev. Olusola Areogun.

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