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The Price For Intimacy

The Price for Intimacy

Extracted from the book written by Rev. Olusola Areogun titled “DEVELOPING INTIMACY WITH THE LORD.”

Intimacy is not a gift. There is no place that you pray for intimacy. Interestingly, some people are closer to their friends than their spouses, and that should not be. Let me give you that warning. If you will be safe on the earth, the closest human relationship you should have should be with your spouse. If you are married and there is another relationship in your life that is stronger in intimacy than the one between you and your spouse, you are living in error somewhere. The devil will exploit it and damage you. So, you must reverse that.

Your best friend today was not always your best friend. That relationship, that intimacy was developed over time to the point that you now can say, “This is my best friend.” One of the problems that you find with Africans is that we use words very frivolously and flippantly. One of those words is friend or brother. When Africans meet overseas or in another place, you hear some people that come from the same town say, “He’s my brother,” when they don’t really know each other. That person can be an enemy. That you come from the same place does not mean you are brothers. 

Years ago, one of my drivers took my car to the mechanic, and he called this mechanic “brother”.  He’s such a Christian that he calls everyone “brother”. He is a brother, and so is everybody to him. So, he took my car to the mechanic, left the car there without supervision, and read the Bible while they exchanged the good brain box of my car and replaced it with a bad one. And they said the thing had been faulty. I asked him, “What were you doing when they were working on the car?” He said, “I was just sitting down there.” I said, “Why were you sitting down? Didn’t you check on them?” He said, “I trust them.” I said, “That was your problem. You were calling a sinner, an unbeliever, a brother. So, he showed you that you shouldn’t call him brother.”

This point of trust before intimacy is critical. Don’t bring anybody into your intimacy who has not qualified for it. 

God does not bring everybody into His intimacy. This is one of the truths of Christianity that is difficult to take in. Not every child of God is intimate with God. Not every child of God knows God. Not every child of God has entered into that special relationship with God.

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This book was borne out of a subject Rev. Olusola Areogun took on Solving Economic Problems the Kingdom Way from 2 Kings: 4. The story in 2 Kings: 4 tells us what to do when in a problem as a child of God. You can apply it to an immediate problem or take it as steps to prepare yourself as you go into the future. In this Scripture, you see this woman that cried to a man of God, seeking help and assistance, and she got an anointed instruction. This is a critical point: a problem remains until God has spoken on it or spoken about it. Once God speaks on a problem, the solution is in motion. That is where your ability to hear anointed guidance will come from. That is the focus of God for your Christianity.

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