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Those that God Weighed… and Failed – Just Weight (6) – Rev.2:1-29, 3:1-22, James 1:2-4, 13-15, Rom.5:3-5

We’ve looked at various things under the just weight and we proceed today, to see those that God weighed and failed and went into utter destruction.

(1)  BELTESHAZZAR – Dan. 5:25-27

If you read vs. 1-9, you’ll see the act that he embarked upon that God considered improper, it was an unjust thing before divine judgment. He worshipped another God, refused to acknowledge God.

(2)  BALAAM – Num. 22:5-12, 15-20

He wanted a worldly gain and was even ready to do it at the expense of God’s people. He   died as a sooth sayer! The gift of God must not be used to receive worldly gain, he collected money for prophecy – God judged him. Never attempt to commercialize your gifting from God; it leads to loss of gifts then destruction.

(3) YOUNG PROPHET- 1King 19:7-18

This man respected the older prophet to a fault. His problem wasn’t food, but respect – but he respected a wrong value.

Who do you respect so much in the flesh that when they have an opinion contrary to God’s expressed will for you, you’ll obey them and disobey God?

Secondly, he was deceived, he believed a lie, once God has spoken on a matter, it doesn’t matter who comes up with what after that, if you disobey God, the next thing will be judgment.

(4) ELI THE PRIEST – 1Samuel 2:27-36

God found Eli unworthy of the eternal priesthood; he failed by honouring his sons above God. Do you exhibit funny weakness towards a family member because of emotional attachments at the expense of establishing divine standards in the fear the Lord (this most times applies to people in leadership)?

Eli was found wanting and in turn was unqualified for future glory

Are you doing anything that will make God to change His mind about your prophecy?

May the Lord depend on you.

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