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What Happens When You Pray in Tongues (2)

Dearly Beloved,

Every believer ought to find out what the Bible says about speaking in tongues in order to enjoy and live an effective Christian life. There is more to speaking in tongues than just warming your spiritual engine in the morning. It opens the door into all the blessings of the kingdom of God.

When you pray in tongues, the Holy Spirit takes you beyond the realms of human expertise and links you up with the realm of supernatural and divine possibilities.

When you pray in tongues, the word of the Lord begins to come alive in your spirit. It brings understanding and shines a light on your path beyond the natural mind.

When you pray in tongues, you discharge the burdens of the Lord that comes to your spirit; the burden usually comes as a sense of weight. When you pray in the spirit, you begin to discharge that burden but most Christians are not taught to interpret the burden correctly. God sees things ahead of time and He comes to a person and introduces His burden. When God introduces a burden to you, He is finding you trustworthy and faithful. Discharging burdens is entering into partnership with God to birth His purposes on the earth.

When you pray in tongues, you set Holy Ghost ambushments against the devil’s plans. The devil is caught unawares and his operation is brought to an end.

When you pray in tongues, you allow the Holy Spirit to intercept, interrupt and intervene in the plans of Satan and others.

Praying in tongues enables you to pray for those you don’t know and wouldn’t have prayed for naturally.

It is praying in tongues that brings you into the prayer points God has already answered. It is a way to pray Holy Ghost-inspired prayers that get answers from Heaven.

When you pray in the Holy Ghost, you build up yourself on your most holy faith and it makes you rise higher and higher in the spirit.

People that don’t pray in tongues have their heads stronger than their spirit. When you pray in tongues, your faith overtakes your reasoning.

A brother had a sister he wanted to marry and everything was okay physically. He prayed in the Holy Ghost and in the spirit, he saw her with wild hair like a mad woman. The Holy Ghost was picking something to be dealt with else he would have to deal with it in marriage. The greatest shock the Holy Ghost can give to you is to give you a revelation of people you know. When you begin to traffic in the spirit, you will see the side of life that you cannot see naturally.

If you don’t pray in tongues, life looks normal but life is not normal! Life is not designed to be lived naturally. It is the spirit that controls the natural. Praying in the spirit is what makes the divine take over from the demonic and the natural for you.

When you pray in tongues, the Holy Spirit brings scriptures to you! He will remind you of the words of Jesus. One of the assignments of the Holy Ghost is to bring to your remembrance what He has said. You may not have read a scripture in 30 years but He brings it to your remembrance. As you speak in tongues, the scripture you have read years ago gets unfolded. Some hidden things unfold and revelational knowledge opens up to you. You begin to flow into prophecy and things you never thought of will begin to flow effortlessly.

Let praying in the spirit be a part of your daily spiritual activities and practice, and you will never know how far the Holy Ghost can take you.

Till next week, go and win with Jesus.

God’s Servant,

Rev. Olusola A. Areogun.

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