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What is Complaining in Prayer?

Extracted from a book written by Rev. Olusola Areogun titled “Are You Praying Or Complaining?”

Now, complaining, which is what most people do, includes the following:

  1. Describing the Problem to God

If you find yourself describing the problem, you are not getting through to God—you are not praying; you are simply complaining.

  1. Repeating in Prayer What the Devil Has Said

Maybe the devil has told you that the pain in your body is cancer, and you go to God in prayer to utter it—you are complaining, not praying. Praying includes listening to the Holy Spirit, not the devil.

Praying is reminding God of His promises, not repeating to God what the devil has said about the problem.

  1. Putting Your Opinions to God

“God, this is what I think about this thing; this is what I feel.” God does not care about what you think about it, but what He has said about the matter!

If God has said something concerning any matter or any issue of life, it’s your responsibility to find out from the Word of God what He has said. This is one of the reasons why God has set Pastors, anointed of the Holy Spirit, in the church to teach people how to apply the Word of God to their everyday situations. It is the duty of every human being to find a shepherd, who is called, anointed, and ordained of God, to guide their lives and teach them the principles and ways of God.

If you don’t have a pastor who is born again, anointed of God, Holy Ghost-led, teaching the Bible, practising the Word of God, believing that God is a prayer-answering God, and getting answers to prayers, you will be in trouble because we need answers to prayers to get over many crises and negative situations that we face in this world.

  1. Wondering Why God Has Not Yet Answered

Have you ever found yourself wondering why God has not answered your prayer? Or asking Him why He has not done one thing or the other?

Sometimes you cry like this, and you don’t know that you are complaining. Remember, there is no complaint bureau in heaven. Prayer is thanking God that He has already done it; you come to Him according to the law, the laid-down principles and procedure, having the assurance that He has heard you. Complaining starts when people are not sure.

They are not sure because they have not come according to the laid-down principles. You don’t know God or relate with God by your feeling or by your circumstance. You know God and relate with God by His Word. Once you have prayed according to His will, He has heard and answered, and divine processes have been set in motion. As you thank God, your answer will manifest after a while.

  1. Praying Generalised Prayer

Bartimaeus prayed thus: “Lord, have mercy on me.”

This is a generalised prayer. You must be specific in praying. The Master asked him, “What do you want me to do for you? What are you asking for?”

  1. Using Vain Repetitions

Some people believe that unless they pray and repeat what they are saying, they are not praying. That is not praying—that is complaining.

  1. Praying the Same Matter All Over Again

If you had really prayed when you prayed once and you are sure that God has heard you, thank Him the rest of the time until the manifestation of the answer comes.

  1. Trying to Pester God to Change His Mind

Many people believe that if a man (or woman) doesn’t pester and disturb God, He won’t change His mind and give him (or her) what he (or she) is asking for. That’s very wrong. They have that idea because that’s the way we all grew up.

You know when you were young, and you wanted something from Daddy, you would disturb him up to the point that he just gave you that thing just to ‘get rid of you’. That’s the way many people deal with God. They have the mentality that when they disturb God enough, He will give them what they want just to ‘get rid of them. No, that’s not praying; God doesn’t want that.

If you’ve been praying as I’ve described so far, you’ve not really been praying; you’ve been complaining, and God doesn’t like complaining.

God wants you to ask Him in faith, believing He has done it.


I believe that as you continue to read on in this blog and put what you are learning into practice, you will grow to become a prayer champion, victorious in prayer and not just a prayer warrior. You will become a master at praying personally and receiving answers.

If you were blessed by what you’ve read thus far and you would like to get a copy of the Book titled “Are You Praying Or Complaining?”, please click on the link below:

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