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Dearly Beloved,

What you take to the battle of your future is what you have proven to work.

There are things that work for us as Christians, and I will show you one today.

The Grace of God is the willingness of God to use His power on your behalf. If you don’t know the ability of God, it is not His problem. The worst thing you can say to God is that He has power but not willing to help. That you are willing to assist, but you do not have the capacity is not grace. Some of you have somebody in your family that you know that an uncle is a bad man; he has money, but he is not willing to help. God is not like that.

No matter the situation that concerns you, God has the power, and He is willing to use it to assist you to any extent. So, why will you not step out? He is willing to assist your faith with His power. Just a little faith is needed.

Grace makes things available to us. Anything that you see, it is grace that makes it available. You need to know that grace is on your side. Grace is on my side! As a child of God, you must know that and take the advantage of grace.
When I am laying hands on the sick, the willingness of God to support it with His power is there, and I am aware of that. God’s willingness to use His power to assist is what is called God’s graciousness. This God has the power to assist, and you do not need to beg Him. He is just looking for who can believe him. Do not doubt His grace.

The most difficult obstacle of many believers to receive miracles is that they are not sure of God’s willingness. Some of you don’t know the Grace of God. The man that wrote the song “Amazing Grace”. He was studying, and he ran out of his study room and asked, people, do you know grace?
Grace will do something for you. When doctors have given up, that mustard size faith that you have will stir up the power of God, and you will pull through. Grace will find a way for you!

Years ago, we left Molete in Ibadan (South West, Nigeria) at 9.30pm, and we were going to Ilesha (South West, Nigeria). I was praying to God, saying God for the sake of my wife. You know yourself; when you are dealing with the willingness of God, you are judging your righteousness. God said for your own sake; I will do it. After 10 pm, the car began to jack and then stopped altogether working. I got down from the car, and I began to pray. I said, God send us help; do not let us sleep here. I was flagging vehicles down, and they were zooming off. After some time, this particular car stopped in front, and when I approached it, I saw a man and woman arguing, “the man saying I want to help them.” Something took the man over. He came down and checked the car. He turned his car around using its headlamp to see whilst working on our car. I was praying, God, don’t let this man leave. Suddenly, the car engine started working again, and we could get back on the road.

Some of you will say that if Daddy prays, something will happen. But God says I will make my power work for you too. You might not even know how you will put the prayer together, but His grace will work for you! GRACE IS ON YOUR SIDE!


Till next time, go and win with Jesus.

God’s Servant,

Rev. Olusola Areogun.

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