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Embrace discipline! – From our Father’s Heart

Embrace discipline! To be disciplined means to receive training that corrects you, moulds you, or perfects moral character and behaviour in you. It means adjusting inside to training. It means that you have accepted discipleship (that  is, a set of values) and have internalised it such that it controls and affects your decisions.  Discipline is what conditions your life for divine blessings to come into and remain there. Without discipline, your life becomes porous and open to all kinds of…

Don’t serve God carelessly – From our Father’s Heart

Dearly Beloved, Jeremiah 48 vs 10 says “ Cursed be he that doeth the work of the Lord deceitfully, and cursed be he that keepeth back his sword from blood.” God is a God of excellence and order. He does not accept just anything. Serving God has principles, precepts and standard. So, don’t serve Him anyhow. One of the first truths stated in the Bible is the standard of service that God accepts. God hates to be served anyhow. That…

Don’t Of The Holy Spirit – From our Father’s Heart

Dearly Beloved, I want to show you today some DON’TS OF THE HOLY SPIRIT you must avoid as you ENTER INTO THE WORLD OF THE HOLY SPIRIT. Taking note of these will keep you safe as you grow in your relationship with the Holy Spirit.  1. Don’t ignore Him. One of the ways by which the Holy Spirit contacts us is through CONSTRAINT and RESTRAINT. Ignoring this communication of the Holy Spirit is preparing for a future of pain. Constraint…


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