Dearly Beloved,

I want to show you today 5 RELATIONSHIPS A CHRISTIAN CAN HAVE WITH THE HOLY SPIRIT, you need to know which one you have in your life currently, make the necessary adjustments, and be sure you are in the RIGHT RELATIONSHIP with the Holy Spirit.


  1. Those whom the Holy Spirit is silent in their lives: 1 Sam. 28:1-7. This is a result of not building a personal relationship with God. God places His servants in our midst not to be a replacement but to be a mirror of His operations in our lives. Pastors must not do everything for God’s people! Your natural father is a picture of your future without God. However, when you are born again, the divine joint that God gives you is a picture of your future under God. God is a God of mirrors, and you must not allow your relationship with your pastor to replace that with God. Do not live your Christian life in a third-hand relationship. Have a personal relationship with the Holy Spirit. 1 Sam. 28 verse 6 says, “And when Saul enquired of the LORD, the LORD answered him not, neither by dreams, nor by Urim, nor by prophets.” By dreams, by Urim, and by prophets are ways the Holy Spirit communicates to His people. Dreams talk of the Gifts of the Holy Spirit, Urim is the inward witness of every believer, and prophets represent the callings. Dreams are at the basic level of divine communication. Some people have no checks, no warnings, no callings, and none ever crosses their path. Saul was on this path, and eventually, he had to turn to witches and wizards, and you must not come to that place.


  1. Those the Holy Spirit is resisting: The first point is negative, but this one is positive. You should let the Holy Spirit resist you if you are going the wrong way. It is to our advantage that we can relate with the Holy Spirit because He is the only one who can talk to us like no other will, Acts 16: 6- 9. Always err on the path of CAUTION. If you step out and the Holy Ghost does not stop you, then continue. But, if you step out and He resists you, then stop and turn back.


  1. Those who are resisting the Holy Spirit: Gen. 6: 1 – 3. “… My Spirit shall not always strive with man, …” It means that the Spirit of God will strive with you for some time, but not forever. God does not interrupt His children, but He tries to intercept the devil. On the road of life, the path of the Child of God and the devil will meet at a point, but the Holy Spirit tries to help us by intercepting the devil to prevent a disastrous outcome. If any evil catches up with a child of God, he missed the Holy Spirit somewhere!


  1. Those who are grieving the Holy Spirit: This comes through their careless living and incomplete obedience. Eph. 4:30. I think the only human being you can use to picture the Holy Spirit is your wife without the problems of your wife. When you grieve your wife over and over, she just folds up inside. Don’t grieve the Holy Spirit to the point that He just folds His hands in your life. You must not grieve the Holy Spirit as you follow His ministry.


  1. Those that the Holy Spirit is walking and working with: When the Holy Spirit is working with us, everything in our lives looks beautiful that way. You should be a Christian who has a walk with the Holy Spirit, and who He is working with. It is the greatest thing that can happen to a Christian. This is a life of continuous surrender to the will of the Father, even when it contradicts yours.


Till next time, go and win with Jesus.

God’s Servant,

Rev. Olusola Areogun.

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