Dearly Beloved,

Respect each other as the King and Queen in your Home.

Every husband must know that a female boss is not superior to their wife before God; your wife is the most superior female in your life. The State Governor cannot walk into a Church, and a sister stands up to speak to him rudely. So, there is nothing your husband should ever do that will deny him that respect; let him be the governor in your house and in your thinking and let your wife be the Queen. You can’t go to the Queen of your town and tell her, “You are just like your mother”, so you must not use that same language with your wife. Why will a woman kneel down, respect her boss, and then come home and not respect her husband? Your husband is the boss at home; your wife is the Queen at home.

One of the first things I never allowed anybody to do (God is my witness), as we got on in our marriage is that I never allowed anyone to dishonour or disrespect my wife in my house.

One of the brothers we grew up with, who is now a Pastor in another denomination, came to visit me once. They call their Pastor’s wife ‘Iya yard’ in that denomination. I didn’t like the title because it paints a picture that the Pastor’s wife is just meant to care for the parsonage; it does not honour the call of God upon her life. We exchanged pleasantries, and then he said, “How is Iya yard (referring to my wife)?” I told him never to call my wife that again, and he apologized.

I want you to study the table below:

Man —–Woman

Husband —–Wife

King and Prophet—Queen

Brain ——Spinal Cord

Provider —–Dispenser

Leader —–Magnifier





First owner——Joint owner

Your wife, as mentioned in the above list, is the spinal cord. If you don’t respect your spinal cord anatomically, you will walk abnormally. So, if you want to be walking normally, respect your spinal cord. If you want to walk normally in marriage, life and destiny, respect your wife (your spinal cord).

Have you seen somebody that has lost her mind? Anyone that does regard her brain has lost their mind.  Wife, do you regard your brain?  If you don’t want to lose your mind, give regard to your brain (your husband).

Treat each other with great honour in everything. You must begin to see your spouse as an honourable person in your life, and you will enjoy the blessings of God as you do so.

Till next time, go and win with


From God’s Servant

Rev Olusola Areogun.

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