1. Zec. 3:1-4. I take authority over every form of demonic resistance that is causing delays in my life. What concerns me will not suffer any delay. Lord, open my eyes to see what is hidden as far as my life is concerned.
  2. No more delays in my life. I come against every demonic delay against marriage showing up
  3. I reject and resist every demonic exchange programmes
  4. My children and I will not be victims of a demonic exchange programme.
  5. Divine reversal for anyone who is a victim of a demonic exchange programme
  6. I pray against every hidden partnership with hell. I will not be a victim of any demonic partnership anywhere.
  7. No one carrying any demonic partnership with hell will thrive around me.
  8. Nothing of mine will be used to service any demonic partnership.
  9. Isaiah 35:1-7. My eyes, ears, legs, and mouth; all these four organs will come under the anointing in 2024. I will not be blind, deaf, lame, and dumb.
  10. I pray for a divine reversal of any form of demonic trafficking or spiritual transaction that has taken place in my life.
  11. 2023, my year of divine revenge against every illegality, unjust treatment, and spiritual transaction of a demonic kind.
  12. 2024, the sounds of Joy!



  1. No demonic resistance
  2. No pregnant woman will have a delay in delivery.
  3. We rebuke any demonic exchange programme
  4. You will not be a victim of any demonic partnership
  5. 2024, my year of divine compensation.
  6. The hand of the Lord is against every demonic perversion
  7. 2024, the sounds of joy!
  8. Ladies between 27 and above, the sounds of marriage
  9. Men between 30 and above, the sounds of marriage
  10. The sentence of death is revoked
  11. 2024, celebrations galore
  12. The Lord has turned my mourning into dancing
  13. Holy Ghost Joy!
  14. Every yoke is broken off!
  15. You will rejoice over what the enemy intends to make you cry
  16. Divine disappointment to the enemy!



Parents: When your children return from school, examine them physically and properly.

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