1. Lord, no one will take my place. I will fill my place in your presence, in your house, and in your programme.
  2. Lord, let the centre of my joy be in you in 2024 Psalms 37:4.
  3. I put everything that can give the devil an opportunity against me in 2024 under the blood of Jesus. The devil will not have an opportunity against me in 2024. I will not be careless, and I will not be lax!
  4. Galatians 6:10, Phil 4:10- Everyone God has ordained to do me good, God will give them the opportunity.
  5. A baptism of divine opportunities for me and people that have to do with me in 2024.
  6. I come against every attack against opportunities in 2024.
  7. Everyone that God has put their care in my heart, God will allow me to express it. Everyone whose heart God has put my care in will have the opportunity to express it.
  8. I will recognize the opportunities coming my way for what and who they are. I receive a baptism of recognition of my own opportunities and the grace to recognize opportunities.



  1. 2024, Thus saith the Lord; I AM STILL HERE!
  2. A baptism of divine opportunity in 2024
  3. You will have more than enough OPPORTUNITIES IN 2024!!!



  1. As you enter the new year, if you find yourself in a situation to help somebody, don’t use it to hold them captive. Never let God use someone else to help the person you were chosen to help.
  2. If you have pulled back from service before the end of March 2024, go back. After March, better replacements are coming. Find your way back to what you used to do. Return to your former work before that place is taken up. If it is your place, then fill it.
  3. Don’t let God’s goodness be assaulted in you in 2024.
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