Text: Josh 24: 15; Acts 10:24


God wants household salvation Acts 16:32 [And they spake unto him the word of the Lord, and to all that were in his house]. He desires that none should perish.

God is always looking for a man to connect everyone to HIS Kingdom in your family and you are the one that God is depending upon to bring in or open the door to the other unsaved ones in your family. Will you be God’s tool for saving your family?

Here are the simple steps to take:

1. Be a sound Christian. A solid disciple of Jesus. No compromise, no lukewarmness.

2. Refuse to backslide or grow cold when your unsaved family members mock you and your faith, persecute and embarrass you. Matt 5:10-12. If you backslide or get discouraged, they may never be saved!

3. Accept responsibility in the spirit for their salvation. Commit to praying and interceding for them! Not once, until they are saved properly!!!

The devil will seek to stop you in these ways:

1. Offence – Avoid quarrels over late father’s inheritance, etc. Refuse to be offended by anything. They are ignorant I Cor. 2:14, so forgive! Be like Jesus in Luke 23:34

2. Busyness- Don’t be too busy here and there and have no thoughts for their salvation while the devil is thinking of their doom.

3. Wrong focus – Don’t focus on their physical status, emotional attachments you have with them, or their religiosity, etc., that you forget they are not saved yet and are on their way to hell!

4. Selfishness – Don’t be selfish, i.e., focus on yourself alone!

Don’t allow walls of separation designed by the devil to keep them in darkness while you keep your light reaching out! (Do it with spiritual judgment).

Positive things to do to win them to the Lord:

1. Pray! Psalm 125:3 Break the devil’s rod over their lives, then pray for the gospel to take over in their hearts.

2. Come against ancestral spirits, ancestral curses that the devil works through in your family to bind men to hell, eject them, break their hold! Psalm 18:45 (Identify the spirit by the established evil pattern and negative cycles that you have observed).

3. Cut a covenant with God over them, e.g. Daddy (Rev Olusola Areogun) made a covenant with God over his sibling that Satan won’t take any of them to hell, and today they are all saved. Keep to it with your heart and mouth.

4. Show them the love of Christ, not emotional family love.

5. Help them by God’s power in your life, in your Church, in your Pastors, in the Bible, in the name of Jesus, not just mere human help.

6. Let them see and know God is God

7. Invite them to where the Kingdom of God will invade their hearts and utilize the family. Social function to bring the gospel to them.

8. Hold them in your heart and keep praying until something happens.

May the Lord depend on you!

Rev Oyenike Areogun

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