1. Psalms 66:1-4. Deal with hidden bondages and hidden oppression of the devil. Activities that are from the devil but don’t look like it. No room for the devil to operate in your life.
  2. Pull down hidden activities of the devil. No stronghold of the devil will succeed in your life!
  3. Matthew 17:16-21. Lord, purge me of every demonic hindrance to my faith. Remove every pocket of darkness where the devil is hiding in my life.
  4. Lord, may every hidden bondage be broken out of my life
  5. Pray for a spiritual purging from every pocket of darkness in your thoughts and imaginations.
  6. Lord, purge me of every sin of my imagination, the sin of the eyes, and the sin of my fantasy.
  7. There will be no place for the devil to produce anything negative inside me.
  8. Divine resetting of every negative mindset in me
  9. I come against every demonic stronghold.
  10. Pray against every hidden demonic mixture Exodus 22:38, Neh. 13:3, Isaiah 1:22, Dan. 2:41-43, Hosea 7:8. There shall be no mixtures in my life.
  11. Deliver me from every negative emotion that is not on the side of truth.
  12. Lord, deliver me from every complication. No complications in my journey.



  1. Resetting in your soul.
  2. Restoration in your soul.
  3. You will break forth!
  4. You carry the overcomer’s genes.
  5. You will not repeat a negative ancestral history
  6. You will not lose anything that is good anymore!
  7. No demonic complication in your life.



When you get home, lay hands on your children. No demonic complications in their lives! Speak over your business!

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