1. Isaiah 41:17-20. February 2024, rivers of Joy. Rivers of mercy, rivers of grace, and rivers of assistance.
  2. 2024, Rivers of God in high places.
  3. Satan has no part and no portion in my February 2024
  4. February 2024, days of the Lord. Days of heaven on the earth in the name of Jesus.
  5. February 2024, no ordinary day. I receive the schedule of God, the counsels of God, and the graces of God in February 2024
  6. We connect to the divine appointments of February 2024
  7. February 2024, the month of extra blessings, provisions, and portions. Receive the purpose for the extra portions
  8. Judges 17:6, 1 Kings 15:4-5, 1 Kings 15:11-13. God deliver and keep me from the operation of the spirit of perversion. What is right will look right to me and what is wrong will look wrong to me.
  9. The spirit of truth will grow and be stronger in me.



  1. God will baptise you with the spirit of truth
  2. Lord, keep your flock from perversion these last days!
  3. Rivers of God!



  1. There will be some months in 2024, that God will bring some extra blessings and flows into your life. Save and keep them because they are not for blowing around.
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