1. Psalm 90:13-14. God will satisfy me with Mercy in January 2024.
  2. The covenant of the margin of mercy will work for me.
  3. I receive miracles of mercy, the operations of Mercy, and the mysteries of mercy.
  4. Psalms 139:16. January 1-31 is shaped after the counsel of God. What God has written for each of the day, I summon it before the Lord
  5. Psalms 68:19. I summon and receive the daily loads of benefits and the mercy of each day.
  6. No day of evil for us in 2024
  7. Eph. 5:15-17. The Holy Spirit will bring divine purpose, divine worth, and divine accuracy into my days in 2024 and I’ll take advantage of the opportunities.
  8. I’ll work in the recognition of divine opportunities.
  9. Favour and goodwill will wrap each day of 2024.
  10. I’ll not be vague, foolish, or thoughtless in 2024. I will be wise, understanding, and firmly grasping what the will of the Lord is.
  11. No seduction and deception of the devil will work against me.
  12. Jan 9, 10, 19, 29. The moves of God will take over the moves of men and hell.
  13. Jan 13 and 21st. No evil shall befall me. I will not have any evil days on these days. The days are covered with the blood of Jesus. Days of victories, divine escapes, and divine takeover
  14. I receive January visitors from heaven. No visit from hell. I receive divine visitations.
  15. Isaiah 40:31. Walk-Run-Soar. Lord, change my ride in 2024.
  16. 2024, divine progression with accuracy, purpose, and clarity
  17. I’ll enter January 2024 with a clear understanding of what to do.
  18. Deut. 33:29. Receive the word of the Lord over yourself.

Declare it over yourself and your family.



  1. Divine progress
  2. Divine movement
  3. Divine progression
  4. New rides for us in 2024
  5. Your health, spirit, children, etc. will progress



  1. Every man who is 18 and above, on the first Monday of every month, you must present yourself for “Ogo Baba Ogo” Early morning worship.
  2. From 2024, every first day of the month, come with a covenant trigger seed over the month.
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