1. John 8:32, John 15:9, Acts 13:43, Acts 14:22, Acts 26:22, Rom 11:22, Gal 2:5, Col. 1:23. The grace of continuity. The grace of the continuer will rest upon me. The grace to continue in the right things of God.
  2. I will be a continuer of good things. The good things of God will continue in my life.
  3. ​I carry the grace of a continuer of the right things!
  4. I will continue in the word of God, in prayer, in the fellowshipping with the saints.
  5. Every good thing that God has started in me, I will continue in them until full manifestation. I will not come short of any divine manifestation in 2024.
  6. I come against the spirit of discouragement. In 2024, the spirit of discouragement will not take hold in my life! I will continue until you see the full manifestation of the work of God in your life!
  7. The Holy Spirit will remind me of the instructions I have discontinued.
  8. I receive the mantle of a continuer.
  9. Holy Spirit, show me instructions that are critical to my future that I have forgotten!
  10. 2024: Total continuity in my life! I will not discontinue in any divine thing!
  11. I receive divine remembrance of the instructions that I have forgotten
  12. Everything that God has scheduled in 2023 to happen for me by divine arrangement will not be postponed to 2024 or any other year. Lord, connect me to the things I need to do for them to happen!
  13. No carryover in 2024.
  14. I come against negative habits. God will baptize me with correct habits that keep pace with God. No negative habit will follow you into 2024.
  15. God, baptise me with the right habits for 2024.
  16. 2024, anointing for correct starts, correct steps, and correct stops!
  17. ​2024, is the year to pursue, overtake and recover all!



  1. You will form the habit of greatness
  2. 2024. The anointing for correct steps and correct stops.
  3. Anointed start!
  4. Anointed step!
  5. Anointed stops!
  6. 2023, receive the miracles of positive endings
  7. Anointed new beginnings for 2024
  8. You will not carry wrong habits into 2024
  9. 2024, miracles of new things.
  10. 2024, miracles of new beginnings
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