1. Every move I am going to make from today will be a moving-on with God.
  2. My children’s move will be a move in God.
  3. You will not make a move against God or away from God
  4. Lord, I submit all my moves in 2024 to you. Any move that is not in God, I am delivered and separated from it.
  5. My decisions will be under the influence of the moves of God and not the moves of hell. The move of God will be fastened upon my soul!
  6. I will come out of the other side of 2025 better than I entered 2024.
  7. My mistakes and the wickedness of the enemy will be covered by the moves of God!
  8. No move of hell will move my emotions!
  9. 2024; Lord, let my moves be moves in God.
  10. No move of the devil will find a way to sway me. I will not be a victim of a Satanic move.
  11. Genesis 1:1-2, Judges 13:24-25, Psalm 23:2,4. I will be a beneficiary of the moves of God; the Sovereign acts of God.
  12. 2024, I will not make a move that will cost me what money cannot recover as far as my health is concerned. Correct moves for my health in 2024
  13. A divine release for all the students in captivity in Nigeria. Between now and 2024, God will move and bring them out. Pray for divine deliverance!
  14. A divine overtaking of the spirit of kidnapping in Nigeria. God will judge the spirit.



  1. You will not make a move that will cost you your marriage and future
  2. Correct moves in your health in 2024
  3. Beneficiaries of the move of God
  4. Your mistakes are taken over by the move of God
  5. Your decisions will be under the influence of the moves of God
  6. The moves of God will take over for me.
  7. Angelic moves are working for me.
  8. The right move will work for me
  9. You will not be a victim of the strange move of hell
  10. Moves of escape from death
  11. No losses in 2024 for me
  12. 2024, it will be unprofitable to be a kidnapper in Nigeria
  13. The Lord will open the door of the prison, the door of the next level, and the door of closed things and closed places.
  14. Next-level progress
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