1. Number 23:23. Put your name there and wear that scripture as a garment into the coming year. No enchantment against me and everything that concerns me.
  2. Come against any form of enchantment that is ongoing in any area of your life.
  3. Prayer for September, October, and November. I receive everything the Lord has scheduled for these months. We call these months after the divine order.
  4. I pray for the covenant of personal victory in the midst of corporate defeat, I will walk in it. I will not experience the curse of personal defeat in the midst of corporate victory. I will enjoy the covenant of personal victory in the midst of corporate victory.
  5. I come against the curse of negative patterns.
  6. 2 Kings 2:19-22. This experience of negative patterns in my journey, whatever it is rooted in, I bring it before the judgement of God today.
  7. I will not travel into the next season of your life with any negative pattern experience
  8. 2024, the year of divine speed (Esther 2:9)
  9. Everything good will happen speedily. The speed of divine assistance will begin to work for me. The speed of God! The speed of grace! The speed of favour. The speed of divine help will begin to work for me! The speed of divine adoption! No more delays
  10. The blessing of anointed positive notice will go with me
  11. Genesis 27:27-29. A change of smell in my journey and affairs.

Fathers, pray this prayer over your children that the smell of the divine will be upon them. The smell that attracts good things to them, not the smell that drives things away. This smell will affect you from 2024-2027. Something will happen for you that will carry 3 years impact.



  1. No enchantment against you
  2. Singled out for mercy
  3. Let divine pattern begin
  4. Positive pattern experiences
  5. Divine speed
  6. The speed of divine adoption
  7. 2024, a change of smell
  8. The smell of the divine blessing in 2024.
  9. You will smell right everywhere and divine.




  1. Every young man between the ages of 18-50. On Saturday, make sure you don’t mean the prayer meeting
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