1. Malachi 3:6, Hebrews 13:8, 2 Cor. 3:17-18. Lord, I receive the changes that must take place in my life for God to complete what he has started.
  2. Lord, deliver and disconnect me from the evil changers and evil changes going on in the world.
  3. My children will not be victims of evil changers that are rising in the education system and the entertainment world.
  4. Divine disconnection from evil changers and evil changes.
  5. Make me a part of the Holy Ghost change. God will help me to be a righteous changer in the evil government operating globally.
  6. Lord, everyone with evil platforms of influence that are using it for evil, begins to reduce it.
  7. Lord, I will not waste divine influence.
  8. Lord, I pledge to you today that the platform of influence that you give me, I’ll not misuse it.
  9. Every platform of influence that you give me, I’ll not fail you.
  10. Psalm 20:1-2. Lord, every help in human form for me in 2024 will come.
  11. I’ll not mismanage my help in human form.
  12. Father, give me wisdom to handle my help in human form from above.



  1. God will anoint you above
  2. Platform of Influence
  3. Past good acts will come for the record.
  4. 2024, my help in human form.
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