1. Lord, show me how to walk with you in 2024 better than I have done before so that I can fit into your plan.

2. Teach me to hear you better and teach me to understand you better. Teach me your ways; I don’t just want to enjoy your acts; I want to know your ways.

3. I will not walk contrary to you, I will walk in step with you, Holy Spirit, help me to get it right.

4. 2 Cor. 3:17-18. The changes I must make before 2024 show up. The changes that will fit me for what 2024 is asking for.

5. Lord, give me the grace to make the necessary changes I need to make. Grace to make the right changes and make them well.

6. Genesis 41:1; 8-14, 1 Samuel 13-21. I will take seriously the thing that will connect me to my recommendation. God will help me to recognize recommenders in life. The Lord will anoint your eyes to see and cause you to know what will bring that recommendation!

7. Matthew 24:1-5. God will insulate me against the operations of the deceiver in 2024. I will not be a victim of the deceiver.

8. I will not fall in the hand of a deceiver.

9. God will expose anywhere that deception is going on in my life!

10. God will give me victory over deception! I will not be deceived!

11. Genesis 27:6-23. Lord, baptise me with discerning for victory in 2024



1. Grace for positive changes from heaven.

2. 2024, a year of recommendation.

3. 2024: Victory over deception!

4. God will give you victory over deception! You will not be deceived!

5. Quality discerning

6. Divine discerning to nullify Satanic deceptions!

7. You will discern death

8. You will discern debt

9. You will discern the spirit behind the offer or the opportunity! You will discern motives!

10. Righteous and accurate discerning

11. You will discern the future



1. Take the tool that will connect you to a recommender

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