1. 2 Sam 3:1, Gal 5:16-17. As I go into the years ahead, the things of God will wax stronger and stronger in my life, and the things of the flesh will grow weaker and weaker. My faith and passion for God will grow stronger and stronger. Everything that reduces love for God will grow weaker.
  2. 2 Corinthians 4:1. The devil’s attack against revelation will not work against me. No blindness of your mind. The god of this world will not succeed in blindfolding me. Any blindness in my life, God will expose it. Anywhere the devil is cheating me, God will expose it. I will see the light of God as it is coming completely with the word of God. No blindfold against the ministry of the word in 2024 as they come in Jesus’ name.
  3. 1 Cor. 9:19-22. In my Christian race, the Lord will teach me how to run an effective race in 2024. I will not run a careless race; I will run to obtain in 2024. I will run with certainty and reach my goal in 2024. In my Christian race, I will make significant progress and be where God wants me to be at the end of 2024 as a Christian. Holy Spirit, teach me to run well.
  4. Psalm 18:49. Lord, show me my paces; the pace I must keep in 2024 to be on time and be fit for the race you have set before me.
  5. Hebrews 12:1-2 Lord, show me the weight I need to drop. Everything that will not let me run my race very well, God show me. Show me every besetting sin that can trip me off; reveal them to me. 2024, I will run a good race and run my race better. I will finish what I start. Deliver me from every besetting sin!
  6. Lord, give me a glimpse of the glory ahead in my race. Heb 12:2. Let me see something ahead of me in this race that will strengthen me. Lord, show me something greater so that I can remain focused on my Christian race.
  7. Prov. 29:13. Lord, help me to gain access to the commanding vision of my life in 2024. Lord, show me the vision for this year. Lord, deliver me from visionlessness. Deliver me from the blindness of vision.



  1. Vision commanded provisions
  2. 2024, A year of vision.
  3. God’s vision for your life will begin to flow
  4. 2024, access to provision.
  5. A conqueror’s anointing
  6. Deliverance from the stress of lack of vision
  7. The miracle of divine remembrance
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