1. Lord, lead me into the place where I will be your confidant. Holy Spirit, make me a better follower.
  2. Lord, let 2024 be a year of better followership in the name of Jesus
  3. 2 Sam. 11:27, John 8:29, Genesis 38:9-10, Numbers 11:1 Everything I do, the Holy Spirit will keep me from the displeasure of the Father. Holy Spirit, lead me into the pleasure of the Father In 2024, I will make great advancement in pleasing the Lord. Holy Spirit, teach me how to please the Father.
  4. Lord, show me the critical seeds that must be sown into me as I go into 2024

-the seed of eternal life

-the seed of the word of God

-the instruction of God for you to carry out

-the anointing that will power your calling, life, or assignment must be a critical seed you receive.

-the Pentecostal experiences you must not miss or deny

-the spirit that will define your work and walk with God.

-the training or the programming that will determine the degree of my manifestation on the earth.



  1. Men will see that it pleases the Lord to bless you.
  2. Blessed is he that blesses you, and cursed is he that curses you
  3. God is breaking this spirit of shame and replacing it with a spirit of glory.
  4. In 2024, you will wear the garment of glory.
  5. From the back seat to the front seat
  6. 2024, a change of seat
  7. A seat will be created for you.
  8. The divine order displaces the human order.
  9. Higher seat!
  10. Higher things!
  11. You will not sit among mourners.
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