From The Father’s Heart

Dearly Beloved,

You cannot have faith and keep quiet! Real faith is never quiet.

You cannot be silent if you are in faith on any matter.

True faith does not just speak about things; true faith speaks to things.

There are two sets of people and Christians on Earth:

  1. Those who say what they have; and
  2. Those who have what they say.

Those who have what they say are the ones in true faith; the first group only follows fact.

If you keep saying what you have, you will keep having only what you have. So, for example, if you have a bad condition and keep saying it, you will keep perpetuating that condition. But if you move from saying what you have to speak and saying what God and the Scriptures have promised you, then you will have what you say.

If you keep saying it long enough, you will eventually have it.

The biggest and greatest battle of faith that you will face is the battle of opening your mouth.

Satan wants you to speak wrongly against your future, so watch it.

Negative or wrong words activate demons, while Scriptures on your lips activate angels.

God won’t work until you say and do accordingly.

Always keep your mouth in the same direction with God’s words and Scriptures. Faith is your oxygen in the spirit realm.

Without faith, God is only enduring you; faith makes God enjoy you.

No matter what happens or is happening now, you have no problem; you only need more faith.

The truth is that what you can believe God for and not what God can do determines what God can do for you. God can do all things, but can you believe all things?

What you get from God is directly proportional to your faith.

Faith is that divine factor that balances out your life.

Till next time, go and win with Jesus.

God’s Servant,

Rev. Olusola Areogun.

© 2022 Sola Areogun Ministries

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