Dearly Beloved,

I want to call your attention to what the Holy Spirit has told us: that we are moving into a season where only those who have the seed of assignment on the ground will last.

Don’t stay in church without an assignment. Remember that divine assignment keeps you from a satanic appointment. God is committed to those with assignments, and He takes care of those doing His assignments well. Don’t hide from assignments; arise and pick up your own assignments.

God also wants you to get better for Him. Develop yourself better for God’s assignments in your life. Don’t get in the habit of doing things anyhow because you think it is church. Excellence is what God demands, and He won’t take anything less than excellence. Anything you are bringing to God or doing for God must be treated and done excellently. If you don’t get better, God will have to replace you.

Anyone who is getting better under God will never be replaced. In fact, such a one will be promoted and elevated. If you get better for God and you keep being faithful to your assignment, God is committed to ensuring your promotion.

These are the days when your assignments stand as critical seeds that will generate critical harvests. What you sow is what you will reap. If you spare in sowing, your harvest will be small. But if you sow abundantly, your harvest will be abundant. Don’t stop at being a member; come up into stewardship and make yourself available for assignments.

Remember, these are the days when you will be in need of the harvest of your assignments’ seeds. It will be costly if you have no seed in the ground at the time you need your harvest.

Till next time, go and win with Jesus.

@ Olusola Areogun

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