From the Father’s Heart

Dearly Beloved,

There is a reality of a Supernaturally Empowered Life.

The story of the woman in 2 Kings Chapter 4 reveals a lot to us about that. However, supernatural life comes with conditionality. And I pray that you will walk and increase in that life.

How will you translate your reality with God among men? We need to understand that.

The manifestation of anything spiritual requires a body.

Revelation is God’s responsibility, while manifestation is man’s responsibility. The manifestation is always lesser than the revelation. Your responsibility is how close you can make the manifestation measures the revelation. How much you manifest is your responsibility. That woman with the pot of oil did not receive all that God had brought for her. Also, Peter- when Jesus asked him to drop his nets into the sea. Most people fail in God’s presence, so they don’t manifest all of God in their lives. And when you get it right in the presence of God, don’t expect the manifestation to be automatic.

The things of God will always work IF YOU WORK IT!

Don’t attempt to do for yourself what the Lord should do supernaturally.

Recognise that you don’t have control over the supernatural but always have control over the natural. It is not the supernatural, which you cannot control, that determines your manifestation but the physical that you can control. Every instruction of God to a man makes him a world-beater (winner everywhere) if you obey it fully. When Jesus gave the instruction cast your nets – It would all have been filled if Peter and his friends had come with ten nets instead of one. Your obedience to the instructions of God turns you into a wealthy man. Our wealth is not physical; it is connected to an instruction connected to power in the Spirit.

The supernatural never finishes, but it can stop.

It will stop where human obedience ends. What divine instructions are you currently neglecting, violating, or obeying? The woman in our text obeyed but didn’t obey fully: the instruction says to “borrow not a few”. Till Jesus comes, there will always be divine instructions for you to obey. God doesn’t ask you to understand; He asks you to obey. If you are the kind of person who wants to understand before you obey, you will not go far with God. Let your physical and visible life be a direct manifestation of His instructions; that way, He will be obliged to back you up.

Lastly, if you seem lost, always return to the last instruction you are sure God gave you. Trace your way back, and you will always find God.

Till next week, go and win with Jesus.

God’s Servant,

Rev. Olusola Areogun.

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