Most times in life and ministry, God will keep some of your greatest resources for the assignment in the lives and hands of the most unlikely people!

Train your spirit and eyes to recognize small people with BIG tools for the assignment.

Let me show you some examples

a) The lad with the FIVE LOAVES (John 6:9-10).
b) The house girl with the CRITICAL INFORMATION for Naaman (2 Kings 5:1-5).
c) The men of David (1 Samuel 22:1-2).

I have learnt that in any generation, the bulk of God’s work is carried out by small people with critical tools who will give glory to God for the privilege of serving Him.

It is easier for widows to give their MITES than for multimillionaires to give their life savings for God’s work!

If you are only looking for and at ‘BIG PEOPLE’ alone to get the work of God done, you will be delayed and may not even be able to finish the work!

Culled from my book “Don’t of Wisdom for Success in Life and Ministry.”

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